10 Awesome Blogs For Photography Tips in 2016

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Photography like any other art requires practice and learning to master. Thankfully, the Internet is full of amazing tips and techniques when it comes to improving the quality of the shots you take. From small tips to extended tutorial sections, all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review 10 of the best photography blogs for awesome tips. These sites will be sure to help you improve, providing insight into special techniques that are hard to find out on your own or even consider in the first place. Let’s begin!

Roundup: Best Photography Blogs for Tips & Advice

1. Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass


An amazing aspect of photography is the level of challenge. Sometimes taking a brilliant landscape is simple, while capturing the full cover of an everyday object throws us for a loop. The Karl Taylor Photography Masterclass blog takes note of this with articles on how to shoot objects correctly.

The ‘How To Shoot Red Wine’ is a great example of the tips you can learn.

Check out Karl’s blog

2. Digital Photography School


From working the scene, leading lines and patterns, and getting the right time of day to an examination of what other photographers do, the Digital School Photography Blog is a one-stop blog for helpful guides on how to shoot particular scenes.

Take a moment to review their article on how to get better landscape photography in order to understand the kind of skills the blog talks about.


3. Jodie Brennan Photography


Covering location shoots, family portraiture, inspiration, and more, Jodie Brennan Photography is a blog dedicated to making the best out of every shot. Along with setting up the shot, the blog covers through numerous articles things that should be avoided as well as included.

A great place to stop when looking for useful tips and Jodie Brennan Photography manages to cover a lot of content with every article.


4. Larissa Dening Photography


Dedicating her time to shooting the best photographs possible, the Larissa Dening Photography blog is all about sharing what she has learned with anyone who will listen. This includes interesting articles on aspects of photography like shooting the perfect wave shot or capturing the Milky Way Galaxy with a standard camera.

Traveling the world, the Larissa Dening Photography Blog provides examples of shots from numerous places on a wide range of subjects.

The easy way to get awesome wave shots

5. Preset Pro


Offering numerous tips and tricks, Preset Pro has a lot of extensively researched articles on various aspects of photography. As the article below is a great example, you can read about what to bring when doing photography on the go as well as various things you should consider along the way.

Incorporating a shop where you can purchase photography, Preset Pro both provides useful insight while offering a range of awesome shots for sale.

Preset Pro

6. Peggy Farren

Tying in experimentation with photographic skill, Peggy Farren manages to delight with unique and creative looks at traditional shots. In doing so, you can get a better sense of what image editing software, as well as photographic skill, can accomplish.


7. Hawaii Magazine


With articles on photography, Hawaii Magazine has useful information on various aspects of creating the perfect shot. In the article listed here on ‘How To Take The Perfect Underwater Photo,’ you can get a sense of the quality of advice offered throughout this blog.


8. Waterdog Photography


Want to know more about underwater photography? Well then, you’re in luck! Waterdog Photography is a blog dedicated to the art of taking amazing shots underwater and the skills you need to develop to get there. Along with useful tips are some truly amazing photos.


9. Holl And Lane


Covering a range of subjects, Holl And Lane have numerous articles on camera functionality as well as general tips. Defining a lot of what goes into photography through example videos and photos, you can learn great techniques.


10. Picture Correct

With detailed instructions on setting up shots, Picture Correct has a number of articles that break down how to take the perfect picture into easy to follow steps. Including instructions for all skill levels, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish when following these instructions.


Photo credit: Connie Lemperle