We Rate the Best 360 Degree Cameras for Making Virtual Reality Videos

best_360_degree_cameras_for_making_virtual_reality_videosWouldn’t it be great to finally have the opportunity to really capture the world around you on film the way that we all experience it in real life? Add one of the best 360-degree cameras to your box of tech toys and get started!

We’re talking about no longer constraining yourselves to the ridiculously small rectangle or the viewfinder that all cameras include these days, the projection of the videos that are captured by traditional lenses.

Imagine instead being able to vividly capture every element of the world around you with 360° panoramas in stunning high definition all the time!

Unfortunately, modern camera technology never really developed to the point of offering 360° camera capabilities –until just recently, that is!

Thanks to some amazing breakthroughs in the camera technology world (as well as in the hardware used to capture, record, edit, and if you 360° videos) it’s now possible to really accurately film every single thing that’s a going on around you with a depth and vibrancy you’d never have been able to pull off previously.

All you have to do is invest in one of these top-tier 360° cameras available right now – this very minute – and luckily you’ll be able to get your hands on some pretty fancy and impressive technology without breaking your bank account along the way.

Fall in love with one of the best 360° cameras that we highlight for you below!

Click the link here to see one of my current favorite 360 videos.

We break down nine of the top VR cameras for less than $500 on the market today

Top 9 Virtual Reality Cameras Compared

#1. – Samsung Gear SM-C200 – 360 Degree Cam

Samsung Gear 360 Degree Cam Spherical Camera SM-C200 ReviewPros

  • Samsung knocks it out of the park again with this impressive 360° video camera
  • You can use this camera remotely through your mobile device
  • Built-in wireless communication and control capabilities are second to none


  • The built-in tripod can take some time to get used to
  • Technology to build stitched 360° videos on board is a bit clunky
  • Available to be used on all mobile devices, this system benefits most from Android phones and tablets

Relatively inexpensive and capable of incredible clarity and HD video footage, you’ll really appreciate pairing this device with your smartphone or tablet and controlling every aspect of it wirelessly.

#2. – LG 360 Cam

LG G5 Friends 360 CAM LG-R105 ReviewPros

  • This is one of the least expensive top-quality 360° high definition cameras you’ll have the chance to buy today
  • Compact spherical design allows you to capture 360° of the action effortlessly
  • Built-in 5.1 channel surround sound capturing guarantees you don’t need an extra microphone


  • Maximum 2K video resolution isn’t quite as crystal-clear as 4K HD
  • Dual 13-megapixel wide-angle cameras and 16-megapixel spherical image support boosts video output
  • It takes a little bit of time to learn how to effortlessly control this 360° camera

Anyone that has been paying attention to the rise of the LG as a technology giant in the last few years is going to be excited about everything this 360° HD camera has to offer, but everyone else should be as well!

Incredibly compact, ridiculously inexpensive, and capable of stunning visual and audio clarity, this is THE compact 360° camera to own today.

#3. – Kodak PixPro SP360 4K

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K-BK3 4K Premier Pack VR Camera ReviewPros

  • Made by one of the most legendary brands in the camera industry
  • 4K resolution provides 360° panoramas for virtual-reality video services
  • You’ll be able to control this camera wirelessly with your smartphone or mobile device


  • One of the most expensive sub $500 360° video camera options available
  • Set up can be a little bit challenging unless you are running the proprietary application
  • Multiple tiers of cameras with different options can force you to spend more than you might be comfortable with

Kodak used to run still photography when they offered their top-tier cameras, lenses, effortless development technology, and beautiful film and disposable options – but they’ve had a tough time of things pointed comes to consumer and amateur photography products since smartphones hit the scene.

This sub $500 360° video camera aims to change all of that with groundbreaking hardware, impressive specifications and features, and a legendary reputation for durability.

#4. – 360Fly

360fly HD camera ReviewPros

  • One of the most exciting 360° HD video capture devices with beautiful industrial design
  • Water resistant, dustproof, and shockproof this is an almost indestructible video camera
  • 32 GB of onboard storage with room for more in the form of mSD cards and more than two hours of battery use


  • A single lens and a single camera makes this option struggle to capture all the action from time to time
  • Its diminutive size forces it to have a smaller battery capacity than could be possible
  • Some have questioned its durability

There are a lot of 360° video camera options available on the market today, but if you – if any – look this beautiful. Well-designed, perfectly engineered, and effortless to use it isn’t going to break your bank account, either.

#5. – V.360

VSN HD Camera Kit ReviewPros

  • Unique combination 360° HD video camera and smartphone application gives you unprecedented control
  • New lithium-ion battery technology offers you more than two hours of recording time on a single charge
  • 6x multiple/variable zoom feature and dual microphone setup captures high definition video and high-definition sound


  • You’ll have to have your smartphone or mobile device on hand to leverage this 360° camera
  • Dual microphones aren’t quite as high quality as standalone and third-party microphone options
  • GPS unit can be a little bit scatterbrained, especially when first powering the camera kit on

The overwhelming majority of high definition 360° cameras today include smartphone integration, though none of them do so quite as effectively or as impressively as this option does.

You’ll need your smartphone or tablet to utilize this camera, but you’ll wonder how you ever recorded video without this set up shortly after you start to tinker with it.

#6. – Ricoh Theta S

Ricoh Theta S Digital Camera ReviewPros

  • Very simple and straightforward to use with a minimalist control scheme
  • “Live Look In” capabilities when paired with your mobile device
  • Shoot high-definition video at 30 frames per second without any trouble


  • Compact to the point of being almost inconvenient to use for longer amounts of time
  • You’ll only ever be able to fill up to 25 minutes of video at a time with this unit
  • Wireless video transferring can take longer than expected

Super small, super slim, and still super capable, this particular 360° camera is going to make life recording your own human highlight reels a lot easier.

#7. – Allie Cam

ALLie Home 360 Degree Camera Live Streaming ReviewPros

  • Captures 360° of stunning 4K resolution ultra-high definition video
  • Live streaming capabilities are available thanks to the built-in YouTube streaming technology
  • Effortlessly control this 360° camera from your smartphone or mobile device


  • You’re going to have to fork over close to $500 (the top end of your budget) for this camera
  • That the Allie brand name isn’t quite a name brand or household name just yet
  • There are some questions about the overall durability of this almost $500 360° HD camera

Representing one of the very best 360° HD cameras you can get your hands on these days for just barely less than $500, you’re going to be very impressed by the advanced optics, effortless control, and beautiful video capturing technology packed into this relatively compact unit.

#8. – Kodak SP360 16 MP Digital Camera

Kodak SP360 16 MP Digital Camera with 1x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom ReviewPros

  • Kodak “cubes” like this one are considered to be amongst some of the best built and most reliable action/360° video cameras today
  • Shockproof up to 2 m, freezeproof down to 10°F, as well as splash-resistant so you can use it comfortably near water
  • Battery lasts for hours and hours on a single charge


  • Somewhat overpriced for what it brings to the table compared to other options
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/NSC connectivity drops out from time to time without warning
  • Ancillary and not included remote control application works well when it actually works but there are still plenty of bugs to iron out

Kodak continues to really impress with all of the very smart and sophisticated new cameras they have released in just the last few years. This 360° camera represents the brand well, and will likely represent the brand well into the future, too!

#9. – Homkm V1 360 Degree 2k Camera Waterproof Camera

Homkm V1 360 Degree Panoramic Camera Waterproof Camera Sport Action Camera ReviewPros

  • The kind of 360° HD camera that provides high-quality videos for professionals and effortless controls for young people
  • Waterproof, dustproof, and shock/impact proof
  • Full 12 months no strings attached warranty protects your investment


  • This camera only shoots in 2K versus 4K HD video
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides only 90 minutes of recording time
  • Old USB 2.0 ports are still used instead of new (and arguably better) modern standards

Though it’s unlikely that you’ve never heard of this brand before unless you are really into consumer electronics and the camera industry itself, this is one of the best 360 degree cameras we’ve ever seen at any price point and it becomes a total game changer at the almost too good to be true price you’re going to find it for.

The included 12-month warranty is nice, the fact that it can capture film for virtual reality in the future is a big bonus, but it also includes cutting-edge technology in the form of storage, Wi-Fi, and battery technology as well.