Buying the Best Camera Backpack – Camera Bag Reviews

If you’ve got a ton of gear, and you need it for a long time, a camera backpack is your best friend. The best camera backpacks protect your investments while allowing quick and easy access to everything you need. Whether you’re a professional out on a nature shoot, or an amateur trying to capture the perfect shot, we hope our camera bag reviews help you make the best choice.

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Best Camera Backpack

Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR Cameras

amazonbasics_backpack_for_slr-dslr_cameras_and_accessoriesWhen it comes to general photography, we think the Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR Cameras is one the top camera backpacks out there. The first thing that impressed us was that the exterior is highly durable polyester and nylon. The main compartment features adjustable cells so whatever equipment you have is sure to fit. Then there are two side pockets with flaps on the outside that are perfect for your keys or smartphone.

There are also two larger, zippered, pockets, excellent for manuals, a poncho in case of rain, or a light jacket. The side straps and the flexible front cord are designed to hold a compact tripod or stabilizer. The inside of the main compartment cover holds two pockets that are absolutely ideal for storing batteries, memory cards, and USB drives.

The inside of the main compartment is lined with fabric covered foam for increased protection. The canvas straps can be used to fully secure larger items. The shoulder straps are heavily padded, and the waist and chest straps are adjustable, so the backpack is comfortable even when fully loaded.

Best Camera Backpack for Travel

Professional Gear Backpack for Digital SLR Nikon Cameras

professional_gear_backpack_for_digital_slr_nikon_camerasWhen you travel, the things you are shooting and where you are shooting them can change rapidly, and you’re going to want extra space to bring along a few things that aren’t camera related.

What you need is a highly versatile bag that’s ready for any situation. That’s why we are absolutely certain that a great camera backpack for the purposes of travel has got to be the Professional Gear Backpack for Digital SLR Nikon Cameras. The Professional Gear Backpack sports a ton of features that promise to make traveling anywhere a snap, beginning with the backpack’s very durable construction that’s meant to last.

A large, front zipper opening gives you easy access to your camera and lenses, and two quick-access side doors let you do that even faster. Custom dividers let you take whatever you need, and the shoulder straps let you wear the bag as a backpack or a sling. If that’s not enough, straps you don’t need can be stowed in the handle. There are five net pockets for keys and memory cards, and a compartment for up to 15.6” laptops.

The Professional Gear Backpack is rich with features that no photographer should travel without.

Best Camera Backpack for Hiking

Abonnyc DSLR SLR Backpack Camera Rucksack

abonnyc_dslr_slr_backpack_camera_rucksackHiking is an exhilarating activity, and the pictures hikers return with are often breathtaking. But the terrain is rugged, and it can be very rough on you and your camera equipment. The rough terrain and harsh elements can wreak havoc on the equipment you’ve invested so much in. If you want to photograph the outdoors, your camera needs protecting. You want a backpack that will protect it from the elements, and still have room for your hiking gear.

We’ve done a great deal of research, and we have found that the top rated camera backpack for hiking is definitely the Abonnyc DSLR SLR Backpack Camera Rucksack. It’s incredibly tough. It’s made with waterproof and shockproof materials, and the bag is abrasion and extrusion resistant. The inside compartment is padded for still more protection. The backpack also resists low temperatures and corrosion.

Customizable dividers give you added flexibility. There are other interior dividers to let you store whatever you need, and separate your camera equipment from things like water bottles. You also get a large camera case to make things even more convenient.

If you need a way to securely organize your camera gear and still bring along everything you need to hike, look no further.

Best Stylish Camera Bags

Koolertron Waterproof Vintage Camera Bag

koolertron_waterproof_vintage_fashionable_pu_leature_dslr_camera_bagFor many people, there comes a time where you want something that is not only highly effective but visually appealing as well. When that happens to a photographer, the obvious remedy lies in a stylish camera bag. For the best in stylish camera bags, take a look at the Koolertron Waterproof Vintage Camera Bag.

The bag simply looks impressive, and as the name suggests, it’s effectively waterproof. It’s a well-crafted carrying case, featuring strong stitching, and a design that lends an air of dignity. There’s a liner inside, which fits a DSLR and two lenses. The outside is pure leather in an elegant antique brown finish. At 2.25 pounds, the bag is light and easily portable.

Without the liner, it functions as an excellent leisure bag. A pocket rests on the back that is the perfect size for your favorite tablet or e-reader. Two pockets in the front are sized for keys, batteries, SD cards and smartphones.

There is a long, adjustable strap for maximum comfort, and the bag can be sealed with magnets so it opens quickly when you need it to and closes securely. This bag is a roomy, elegant, and convenient way to take your camera with you wherever you go. It combines style, durability, and functionality in a way that is sure to impress.

Best DSLR Camera Backpack

Acuvar Professional DSLR Camera Backpack

acuvar_professional_dslr_camera_backpack_with_rain_coverA DSLR backpack should easily be able to hold the camera, its lenses, and all the required accessories. You want a durable bag that can help you manage the weight while keeping your equipment secure and keeping movement inside it to a minimum. It should also provide protection in case of rain, and be customizable for any equipment load.

The Acuvar Professional DSLR Camera Backpack is unquestionably the best DSLR camera backpack we’ve seen so far. It meets all these requirements with ease. Thick, customizable, foam walls protect your camera equipment and ensure minimal inside movement. It has ample room for two DSLR cameras, or two small camcorders, three or four lenses, and other accessories, including flashes and filters. The exterior is nylon and polyester, designed to be remarkably durable. The shoulder straps are heavily padded for comfort, and the waist and chest straps are adjustable to help bear the load.

You also get a concealed, water-resistant rain cover for emergencies that fits over the entire bag.