Roundup of the Best Canon 70D Lens for Any Type of Photography

Canon’s EOS 70D is one of the top DSLR cameras currently on the market, available for just under $1000. Buyers need to consider this price for the camera body only – no lens kit is included. Although Canon has launched its new, updated line of the EOS series, their high price puts them out of reach for most photography enthusiasts and close to the full frame camera class. Here is our review of the best kit lenses for Canon 70D which are suitable for buyers across any price bracket.

Canon 70D Lens Review Roundup for 2016:

#1. Canon 18-55Mm F/3.5 Is Stm (With Kit):

1_-_canon_ef-s_18-55mm_is_stmLightweight, at only 7.3 Oz., and featuring stunning video quality, the 18-55mm f/3.5 from Canon is not your typical kit lens, as its optical quality is considerably upgraded over the older models.

The STM (Stepping Motor Technology) is responsible for the smooth and brilliant autofocus, which plays a big part in the resulting video quality.  Although it doesn’t perform as an all-in-one option, its price makes it a convenient option for a generic spare. Its great features easily make this model the best Canon 70D lens in this price category.

#2. Canon 18-135Mm F/3.5-5.6 Is Stm (With Kit):


At 10 Oz., this lens is a bit heavier than the previously mentioned model but beats it in terms of the offered range. Putting their mid-range features and video capabilities into perspective, the Canon 18-135mm is a good choice for the camera due to its clear image quality, quiet operation and non-stop live focus.

Additionally, it provides the option to pair it with the 55-250mm STF for a minimal extra budget.

All In One Lens – Canon 70D Lens To Get In 2016:

#3. Canon 18-200M F/3.5-5.6 Is:

3_-_canon_ef-s_18-200mm_f35-56_is_standard_zoom_lens_for_canon_dslr_camerasThe Canon 18-200m is an all-around lens which was specifically designed to compete against the very successful Nikon 18-200mm. However, Canon has yet to release an updated version to compete with the successor of 18-200mm form Nikon.

The lens is characterized by its amazing versatility and flawless optical performance, which is still admired by the experts in the field. The only thing holding it back is the somewhat outdated auto-focus mechanism. Its manual focus ring follows auto-focus, which makes it difficult to grab. This model is probably the best lens for Canon 70D in our list.

Wide Angle Lens – Canon 70D Lens To Get In 2016:

#4. Canon 10-18Mm F/4-5.6:


Canon created a legacy in the world of cameras with its models embedding the famous APS-C image sensor, which was the number 1 choice for most buyers in the category of wide-angle cameras. But last year, Canon launched the 10-18 mm f/4-5.6, targeting buyers with a tighter budget.

Clear images, low weight, almost no distortion, and inexpensive are some of the basic features of this lens. It is probably the most noteworthy lens for Canon 70D in the wide-angle segment.

#5. Canon 10-22Mm F/3.5-4.5 Usm:


If we only examine the perspectives of optical quality and image performance, this lens is better than the previous one. The 10-18mm is only superior in limited lighting conditions, but considering the additional reach of the 10-22mm, it doesn’t fare badly either. Photographers who mostly do Landscape Photography would benefit from this model.

Portrait Lens For Canon 70D:

#6. Canon 17-55Mm F/2.8 Is Usm:


Taking advantage of its maximum aperture of f/2.8, the lens sports great performance in limited lighting conditions, considering it’s a wide-angle Zoom Lens. It has an increased weight, at 22.4 Oz. What’s more, the lens produces excellent images of striking sharpness, has a fast auto-focus mechanism and only suffers from minimal distortion.

It is a wide-angle lens with very good portrait performance, owing it to its 27-88mm zoom range.

#7. Canon 15-85Mm F/3.5-5.6 Is:


For most professional photographers, the preferable solution is an all-in-one lens that frees them from the burden of having to switch lenses for different occasions. The 15-85mm covers a variety of focal lengths, ranging from telephoto to wide angle, and exceptional portrait pictures as well. The lens includes a manual focus override which you can activate with your finger.

Some level of distortion may be noticeable, but this is normal with zoom lenses of this kind. It can be easily considered the best Canon 70D lens in its price category.

#8. Canon 40Mm F/2.8 Stm:

8_-_canon_ef_40mm_f28_stm_lens_-_fixedUsually, pancake lenses are made to accompany Mirrorless cameras, but the Canon 40mm f/2.8 was made specifically for the manufacturer’s DSLRs. It produces sharp images, weighs little, it has a low profile and it has superb optical quality.

The included STM makes video recording a quiet experience. The only disadvantage would be its weird 64mm focal length on a 35mm camera.

#9. Canon 50Mm F/1.8 Ii:

9_-_canon_ef_50mm_f18_ii_camera_lens_-_fixedLow weight, clear image, inexpensive, and overall the best value among all Canon lenses, is what the 50 mm f/1.8 brings to the table. The lens’s body is made of plastic, which is a drawback.

Telephoto Zoom Lens For Canon 70D:

#10. Canon 55-250Mm F/4-5.6 Is Stm:

10_-_canon_ef-s_55-250mm_f4-56_is_stm_lens_for_canon_slr_camerasCanon 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lists among the best APS-C telephoto camera lenses because it uses the fast and silent STM technology instead of the older USM.

Stabilization technology and improved grip are the extra benefits of this lens. Average performance under limited lighting is its only disadvantage.