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The safety and security of your home and family are one of the most important concerns in anyone’s life. Nanny cams were originally named by parents seeking piece of mind while their children were with caretakers. However indoor security cameras have the ability to serve many purposes.

Indoor spy cameras assist caring for pets, and the  security of your possessions. They can also serve provide piece of mind while your children are in a separate room or outdoors.

Find below our spy camera reviews to help with your purchase.

Best Nanny Cam Reviews

  StoragePowerHDWiFiNight Vision2 Way Audio
nest-cam-security-camera-reviewNest CamCloudUSB/Mains1080pYYY
canary-all-in-one-home-security-device-reviewCanary All in OneCloudUSB/Mains1080pYYN
vimtag-vt-361-super-hd-wifi-video-monitoring-surveillance-security-camera-reviewVimtag VT-361MicroSDMains720pYYY

#1. Nest Cam Security Camera


This camera offers a non-stop video feed and has been one of the best selling nanny cam models in 2016.

This camera permits wide-angle recordings, spanning up to 130 degrees. With a quality, HD display, this camera offers clear, crisp and vivid pictures during nighttime and daytime hours.

With two way communication, this camera is equipped with an inbuilt system, in which you can talk to your children and nannies and listen in as well. You can stream valuable footage without fail with continuous cloud recording and even receive alerts as well.

This camera is relatively easy to install and set up right away.

#2. Canary All in One Security Device


This camera delivers more than a conventional camera recording experience. Not only can you stream clear visuals of your home environment, but it can obtain audio feedback of your environment as well.

This camera, features a wide angle lens that can record views of up to 147 degrees.

With its inbuilt motion sensor and high tech temperature and air quality monitoring system, you can always ensure that your child is in good hands.

This camera connects you directly with local authorities as well. Not to mention, you can receive timely alerts on your smartphone device with this WiFi compatible camera.

#3. Vimtag VT-361


Lastly, our selection has the best ‘bang for buck’ home security camera. This is an affordable, cost-effective, but high-quality model that comes with a number of built-in features. In addition to offering pet monitoring, this camera allows you to survey your children and your business operations as well.

With its easy installation and WiFi setup options, you can record video footage in an instant. Equipped with pan and tilt features, motion detection, as well as a two-way communication system, this camera is ideal for everyday surveillance. This model does not offer cloud video recording, and it is specifically designed for indoor use.

This model does not operate on a battery either, as it is powered by your home’s electricity.

Nanny Camera Considerations

Hidden or Visible Cam?

Nanny cam technology has evolved to be more sophisticated and discreet than ever. For example, some technologies allow you to install the cams in the child’s teddy bear, a smoke detector, plant, lighting fixture, etc. This is an effective monitoring system, that can give you the assurance of supervision and safety.

Perhaps you are deciding between the purchase of a visible nanny cam and a hidden nanny cam. Before making your decision, you should review the laws in your state to determine what is permissible and what is not.

It is crucial to note that covert surveillance systems, such as plant nanny cams, are generally more expensive than visible nanny cams. Some states require the consent of a child care worker to permit the use of a nanny cam.

Data Storage

Different nanny cams utilize different types of data storage. While some cams offer cloud computing options, others enable storage on either your PC or an SD card. A PC nanny cam is generally connected to your computer. Yet, in the event that your computer suffers an outage or a virus, you may lose your stored footage. A superior option is to transfer data to a cloud via WiFi or to store it on an SD card.

Power Supply

While some nanny cams are battery operated, others rely on electricity to operate. In terms of battery operated nanny cams, you may be able to operate them for 20 uninterrupted hours total. Of course, this can prove inconvenient if your battery dies.

Some battery operated nanny cams utilize motion detectors, only recording the environment when they detect movement. While your home electrical supply will provide a constant source of power, you may not be able to use your camera at full capacity during a power outage.

HD Video

High definition video will give you the clearest, crispest pictures possible. With a higher resolution of video, your camera will offer greater clarity and less blurriness. Grainy surveillance footage may actually defeat the purpose of a nanny cam, and obscure potentially important footage. In the event that a nanny oversteps his/her boundaries, you will need clear footage for legal purposes.


A WiFi nanny cam is highly recommended for all parents who hire child care workers. With WiFi cams, you can observe live video feeds no matter where you are. Whether you are at work, or on the road, you can monitor your child’s safety, as all captured video footage will stream online for your convenience.

With this feature, you can respond promptly to urgent matters and emergencies as well. To use a WiFi nanny cam, you simply need a wireless internet connection in your home.

Night Vision

With a night vision nanny cam, you can monitor you child’s safety whether they are in broad daylight or dark settings in late night hours. If you have hired a nanny to care for your child overnight, then you should especially invest in a night vision nanny cam for optimal surveillance. Not matter how dark your home environment is, you will be able to detect all activity and movement in the surveyed area.

Viewing Angle

Wide angle nanny cams are a sensible investment for most parents. With a wide angle lens, you can record a broad range of your home environment. If you invest in a narrow lens camera, you may potentially miss valuable footage. To ensure your child’s safety and wellness, you should invest in wider lens to capture a much as you can.

Spy Camera Reviews


Many parents have contemplated the legality of audio-enabled nanny cams. Every state permits visual video recordings via nanny cam. However, an audio nanny cam may not be permitted unless an individual consents to an audio recording. If you have considered installing an audio equipped nanny cam, review your state and federal laws to ensure that you are adhering to those regulations as indicated.

Two-way Communication

A two-way communication nanny cam is ideal if you want to communicate with your nannies and children. In addition to speaking with your child or nanny, you can also have an active read on what’s going on with the aid of two way communication. You will be able to hear your nanny and child, and tune in on anything within the range of your camera.

Tilts or Pans

Pan and tilt allow a camera to move in all directions, whether vertical or horizontal. Cameras that are equipped with this feature can cover a broader area of surveillance territory, giving you a comprehensive look at what is going on in your home. No matter where your child is, in the surveyed area, the camera a tilt and pans camera will be able to track their movements.

Nanny Cam Legal Requirements

There is nothing more precious and invaluable than the well-being of your children. Most parents have an intrinsic need to protect their children from danger. But sometimes, the professionals you trust the most require the most supervision-hence the invention of the nanny cam.

Before you purchase a nanny cam, consider these tips. All 50 states have legalized the use of the nanny cams with a few minor exceptions. These cams are permitted in all rooms, with the exception of the bathroom and bedrooms occupied by the nanny.

It is also recommended that you discuss your decision to use a nanny cam with a prospect before hiring him or her. In addition to establishing a sense of mutual trust, this will dissuade the child care worker from mistreating your child.

Best Hidden Cameras

best spy cameras

3rdEye Nanny Cam iPhone Dock

Our leading choice for a Nanny cam purchase is the 3rdEye iHome docking device for iPhone and iPad’s. Including with a clock radio, wireless capabilities, and spy surveillance with built-in DVR. It’s not only perfect for capturing footage in the room it’s located, but you also enjoy your iPhone’s music collection via the included speakers. Find our full review here.

Top Spy Camera Reviews

small spy cameras

TOP Secret Spy Camera Mini Clock Radio Hidden DVR

The world today is a highly uncertain place. The economy has created troublesome times, and our country has people who find it easier to steal than to work and be able to purchase expensive items on their own. So many people think that burglarizing another’s home is the way to create wealth for them by taking advantage of other people.

Having the hidden camera, a small wireless spy camera will enable the authorities to locate the thief or thieves quicker and give the homeowner a chance of getting the stolen property back faster. Having security with hidden home cameras will also enable the neighborhood to feel a stronger sense of security and quite possibly keep the bad people out of your neighborhood. This sense of security will also provide a feeling of control over your own property and belongings.

There are those families who have the need to hire a nanny or a caregiver, for an elderly family member or their children, and having the spy camera or hidden camera in a toy or on a shelf will give you the ability to view in real time. Many models also have the option of recording the period of time that you are away from home.

No one wants to think of anyone they love being neglected or abused in anyway, this gives parents the knowledge that it is not a behavior that would continue around their home. In the instance where an elderly parent lives in the home, being able to monitor for illness or a fall will enable the authorities and medical units to get there quicker also.

Some pets have an anxiety disorder that makes them go a little crazy when they are left alone. Installing a camera with a live feed will enable the homeowner to know what the animal is doing. They could determine if there was any certain reason that the pet started destructive or damaging behavior, such as chewing the furniture or tearing curtains off the windows.

Both the owner and the pet receive benefit from being able to check on them throughout the day.

Hidden Camera Reviews

best hidden cameras

BB2 Bottled Water 30 hr Covert Bottled Water Camera

Hidden cameras, nanny cams, or wireless spy cameras are a great addition to the alarm system that may already be installed in a home or business. Most crooks and burglars know that there is a certain amount of time that passes before the alarm sounds, and even longer before authorities are notified about a disturbance or break-in on the property.

Having the cameras will allow the local police and any other authorities to identify the person or persons who broke in; caused damage or worse yet, hurt someone in the family. With the video from a hidden camera or spy cam, police will be able to watch the burglar or thief each step of the break-in, there will be evidence that cannot be undermined.

There are many sizes and styles of hidden spy cameras. They can also be ordered in the form of watches, pens, and coat hooks. The best spy cameras can blend into any background; they can be inserted into the eye of a stuffed animal, hidden into any item such as an alarm clock or smoke alarm.

There are also options of wearable spy cameras. Nanny cams are virtually undetectable, but will gather all information necessary for the safety of your child or elderly loved one.

Crime can happen at any time of day or night. Having the hidden spy cameras, nanny cams or best spy camera will enable the family to feel safer, and comforted in the fact that authorities will be able to catch the criminal, if something terrible does happen.

The neighborhood that you live in is not always safe, even if it is in a gated neighborhood. Terrible, horrific things happen to good people. Protect yourself, those you love, including your pets, utilize the idea of security by using hidden spy cameras or nanny cams.