The Best DSLR Cameras for Semi-Pro Photographers

If you make a portion of your income from photography, without doing it full-time, you’re a semi-pro photographer. These days, a lot of semi-pros choose to market their pictures via Flickr, Getty and other online platforms. These Web-based platforms are basically stock photo agencies. As you may already know, there is a lot of competition at these online trading posts! In order to rise above the competition, you’ll need an exceptional DSLR camera. With the right gear at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take clear and vibrant photographs which help you to earn sales and build a strong and positive reputation.

We want to help by pointing you towards the best DSLR cameras for semi-pro photographers. We’re going to showcase four styles which really deliver for semi-pro photographers. Any of these cameras will help you to create a body of work that you’re proud of.

Why Choose a DSLR, Anyway?

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex camera. Some people may refer to this type of camera as a digital SLR camera. When you choose a DSLR, you’ll receive a digital camera which has the mechanism and optics of a single-lens reflex camera, as well as a digital imaging sensor. The scheme for the single-lens reflex is what sets a DLSR apart from other types of digital cameras. The reflex scheme carries light through the lens, towards a mirror. The mirror alternates in order to transmit the image to the image sensor or the viewfinder.

During the 2000s, DSLRs came into the forefront and people began to choose them over film-based single-lens reflex cameras. Although cameras with mirrorless systems have become popular again over the past several years, most people still decide to opt for DSLRs. They are the most popular form of cameras with interchangeable lens capability in usage today.

Now, let’s look at four DSLR styles which offer plenty of bang for the buck!

Develop Your Style with the Canon EOS 6D


Another advantage of choosing this camera is access to its eleven-point autofocus system. The AF system includes a center cross-type autofocus point which is incredibly precise. The AF point has EV-3 sensitivity, so it’s easy to focus the Canon EOS 6D, even in the worst lighting conditions.

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With this DSLR, you’ll be able to shoot continuously at up to 4.5 frames per second. This means that capturing fast action will be a total breeze.

Also, high-def video capability will be yours to enjoy. The HD video system for this Canon DSLR features multiple frame rates, manual exposure and all of the advantages of a full-frame sensor (better image quality and image size).

As well, the Canon EOS 6D has great connectivity features, including a Wi-Fi transmitter which is built in.

The Nikon D750 Is Agile and Feature-packedIf you want “full frame freedom“, you’ll benefit from considering the Nikon D750. This camera is a powerful creative tool which offers stunning picture quality, top-notch video capability and handling which is inspired by professional photographers. When you choose this respected DSLR for semi-pro photographers, you’ll access design which is nimble, as well as tons of practical features, including a “vari-angle LCD” which tilts and Wi-Fi connectivity which is built in.

Since this camera does offer full-frame performance, you’ll find that impressive image quality and image size are yours to enjoy. A full-frame DSLR will deliver the same image size as the frame for 35mm film. Pros often choose the Nikon D750 model as their primary camera. Some use it as their secondary camera.

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If you’re semi-pro, this DLSR may be all that you need. It’s compact, yet feature-packed enough to create exceptional stills and video.

The Nikon D810 Is So Versatile

If you’re ready to bring your creative visions to life, this camera will help you to do it. The Nikon D810 will capture everything, from fast action to the most subtle textures. Equipped with 36.3 megapixels, this versatile DSLR will help you to develop as a photographer. Updated with a format sensor (FX) that is redesigned, this DSLR features a very wide ISO range, as well as a world-class image processor (EXPEED 4). Choose this digital camera if you want superior sharpness, lush tonality, and quiet operation.

This model features extraordinary autofocus performance, as well as a burst standard of seven frames per second. Also, it offers video recording with 1080/60p.

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Pre-loaded with Nikon’s Picture Control 2.0, this camera offers the very best in “in camera” picture optimization and processing.

The Pentax K-1 Is Powerful and User-friendly

This full-frame DSLR from Pentax was launched during winter of 2016. It’s got plenty of great advantages, including durable weather sealing, excellent image quality, versatility, first-rate composition adjustment, quick autofocus and a dial which is programmable. It also feels good in the hand during operation. In terms of technical specs, this full-frame DSLR has an interface which is high-tech, yet so intuitive and user-friendly, as well as a TTL autofocus system, a KAF2 bayonet mount, a CMOS sensor and 36.40 megapixels.

When you choose this model, you’ll find that overcoming problematic conditions in the field, including bad weather, dim lighting, and subzero temperatures, is easy. This DSLR has a Flexible Tilt-Type LCD monitor which provides ultra-modern support to semi-pro photographers. The camera provides wonderful sensitivity and plenty of resolving power.

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Which DSLR Is Right For You?

All four DSLRs that we’ve showcased today come from respected and established manufacturers. All are full-frame DSLRs. Since they all have superb features and compact, portable design, you’ll be pretty safe choosing any one of them. When you treat yourself to one of these digital cameras, you may be able to make the jump from semi-pro to pro. You’ll be able to develop your own style and take the sorts of pictures that people want to buy.

So, why not order a new DSLR today?

Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera

Are you in the market for a new mirrorless digital camera? If so, you’ll benefit from discovering the main product features and pros and cons of the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera. It’s feature-packed for a fair price and it comes from one of the world’s premier camera manufacturers.

Sony is known for producing reliable, high-tech products which are easy to use and this camera is definitely a smart buy because it does feature a user-friendly interface and all of the right bells and whistles!

Main Product Features of This Camera

The Sony Alpha A7R II comes with an Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor which is full-frame and equipped with 42MP. It also has an image processor of the BIONZ X type. As well, it has video capability, via its internal UHD 4K system. Also, it is equipped with S-Log2 Gamma.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll be able to enjoy the SteadyShot technology that Sony cameras are known for. It has a five-axis inside stabilization system!

You may order only the camera body or choose the body plus a 24-70 millimeter f/4 lens or a 24-70 millimeter f/2.8 lens. Also, you may choose the Adobe Creative Cloud Kit (with a storage kit) as a practical add-on. Sony gives its customer choices, so that they may customize their cameras in order to suit their specific needs.

Pros and Cons of This Model

This full-frame camera’s high-tech sensor is a key selling point. When you choose this model, you’ll also access superb auto-focus capability. It comes with phase detection autofocus, so it will focus fast (and effectively) via its lenses. It’ll also focus very well with lenses which were made for other systems. By offering this type of versatility, Sony meets the needs of photographers who enjoy using other systems. This is a good thing!
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As well, this high-res camera is durable, thanks to its weather-resistant body, which is crafted from magnesium alloy. It’s also simple to use, thanks to two control dials, plenty of customization of the control points and shooting power of 5fps.

Also, we love the video capability of this design. Shoot with an almost full-frame crop or use a Super35 crop. By offering two modes for shooting, this mirrorless digital camera gives videographers the options that they need.

We recommend this camera. It has great resolution, it features superb ISO performance and it’s got impressive OIS. In terms of “cons”, there is no flash unit included with this model. As well, its battery stamina is rather limited. These two disadvantages aren’t too serious. However, it’s important to look at the downside, as well as the many positive features of this digital camera.

Is This Digital Camera Right for You?

This is a high-end design for the discerning digital photographer. It’s the next-gen design in a series which is all about providing customers with compact systems that offer stellar performance despite their smaller camera body sizes. When you choose this camera, you’ll find that it’s easy to carry and hold. It is compact enough to be simple to use. As well, thanks to its full-frame sensor, it provides exceptional picture quality which is on a par with the picture quality of some of the world’s best DSLRs, including the Canon 5DS R.

The team at Sony have resolved some issues with the first Sony A7R in this second-generation model. For example, low-light handling and performance have been enhanced through the addition of a five-axis stabilization system for optical images.

4K video performance is also a wonderful feature that you’ll access when you purchase the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Enjoy Compact Size for Easy Handling

If you want a compact design, but don’t want to compromise on performance, then we think that investing in this highly-rated model will be smart. You’ll enjoy the very best in resolution and video capability, and you’ll also be investing in a rugged camera which is built with typical Sony quality.

While this camera isn’t cheap, it offers tons of bang for the buck and you’ll find that using it allows you to improve your pictures and videography. While it’s lacking in a couple of areas, it has relatively few drawbacks when it’s compared to similar models from other camera manufacturers.

Discover the Best DSLR Camera Tripods and Monopods

Did you know that there are DSLR camera tripods and monopods which offer stability, durable construction, and superb quality, without costing a bundle? We’ve sourced out the best tripods and monopods for digital SLR cameras and we’re going to share information about their key features and benefits with you today.

Once you’ve checked them out, you’ll be ready to order your favorites online. Our goal is to help you save money, time and energy. We’ve done the comparison-shopping for you and focused on the most affordable styles from trusted manufacturers…

1.) AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Tripod DSLR


Good tripods deliver plenty of welcome stability. This super-affordable design from AmazonBasics is very stable and it will support scopes, still cameras and video cameras. The maximum weight for a device which is mounted on the tripod is 6.6 pounds.

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This model comes with a three-way pan head which includes a bubble-style level. It also features a mounting plate which is quick-release. In addition, the leg locks on this model are quick-release. This sixty-inch tripod comes with a geared center post, as well as lightweight construction which makes it very portable.

2.) AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag


This tripod also comes from AmazonBasics. Amazon Basics is a trusted brand name. The brand is designed to offer consumers great deals on essentials which are well-made and easy to access at and other Amazon online marketplaces.

However, this design is fifty inches, rather than sixty. It’s a tripod which you may adjust to your preferred height and it’s crafted from aluminum which is light in weight. The whole unit weighs just a little more than a pound, so moving it around definitely won’t strain your muscles! As well, if you like to tote a tripod along with you while you’re out, looking for new things to take pictures of, you’ll find that it’s simple to carry this one with you. It won’t weigh you down.

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The three-way head of this unit will give you access to “swivel and tilt” motion, which will give you the capacity to take portraits or do landscape photography. Also, it has a plate with a quick-release feature, which will facilitate quick transitions between pictures.

The tripod has lever-lock legs with three sections and adjusting the height of the legs is very simple to do. This unit comes with a storage bag that zips up.

When this adjustable and affordable tripod is collapsed, it measures just 16.5 inches.


3.) Albott 70 Inch Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable Tripod Monopod with Carrying Bag


The last DSLR camera tripod on our list isn’t an Amazon Basics tripod. However, we actually think that it’s one of the best reasonably-priced tripods in the world. Actually, it’s a tripod which converts to a monopod and this makes it innovative and so very practical.

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Also, although it isn’t an Amazon Basics product, it is easy to find at Amazon (the world’s largest online retailer). We think that this design offers the most bang for the buck and customer reviews for this model are definitely glowing overall.

This unit weighs 3.63 pounds and it will bear a load of up to 8.8 pounds. It’s a four-section tripod which adjusts from twenty-one to seventy inches in height. This is the biggest range of all of the designs that we’ve showcased today! As well, it has a center column which is adjustable, which will convert to a five-section monopod. The monopod will adjust from eighteen inches to sixty-five inches.

Like the other models on our list, this unit has a three-way pan head that tilts and swivels, as well as bubble view levels. It’s also got a quick-release plate. This tripod/monopod works with so many devices, from GoPro products to digital cameras to the vast majority of camcorders, as well as binoculars and telescopes.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll also access an attractive and rugged carrying bag.

Monopods have one leg and must be held by photographers while they are being used. They are awesome choices when more portability is required. For example, if you’re on a hike and want to take some beautiful shots fairly quickly, just set up the monopod, hold onto it as you shoot and get a great level of stability rapidly.

Now that you know three of the most affordable, useful and dependable DSLR camera tripods and monopods, why not choose your favorite today?

Nikon D850 FX-format Digital SLR

Nikon D850

The High-end NIKON D850 Offers Dazzling Performance for Still Photos and Video

If you want a new camera which offers high resolution, high speed, incredible versatility and wonderful video and photo potential, you will love what the Nikon D850 has to offer. This impressive camera definitely has all of the bells and whistles.  The Nikon D850 FX-format digital SLR is worth a look!

It’s a high-end design and its higher price tag is justified by its many features, as well as its solid construction and reliable performance.

Today, we want to share lots of important information about this exciting and practical camera. Once you’ve learned about its main features, as well as any drawbacks, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not it’s right for you. This type of camera will be an investment. However, it’s the kind of camera that has it all. Ideal for those who are passionate about photography and videography, the Nikon D850 will offer you an assortment of superb tools. It will give you the power to hone your creativity.

Main Features of This Model

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This Nikon camera is all about stunning image quality. It surpasses the great image quality of its predecessor, the Nikon D810, by offering 45.7 megapixels and an ISO sensitivity range of 64 to 25,600. As well, this camera offers a continuous shooting speed of up to seven fps. If you want an even faster continuous shooting speed, you’ll be able to adapt your camera with the MB-D18 Multi-power Battery Pack, which is optional. When you do use the battery pack that we just mentioned, you’ll be able to access a continuous shooting speed of up to nine fps.

Another impressive feature of this model is its one hundred and fifty-three point auto-focus system. The Nikon D850 is the first FX-format DLSR design to provide 4K UHD video which is full-frame. As well, if you want to do time-lapse videography, you’ll find that it’s possible to film sequences with high resolution, even when the lighting is very dim.

This is a great camera for pro photographers. It’s also appropriate for amateurs who want to move up to the next level. You’ll find that its many impressive features make it a perfect choice for fashion photography, wedding shoots, sports photography and multi-media shooting. Capture gorgeous landscapes on holiday or use this camera for commercial photography. It’s versatile enough to offer superlative performance for so many different types of photography and videography.

Pros and Cons of This Camera

The key advantage of this camera is its 45.7MP image sensor. It’s a full-frame image sensor and truly world class. As well, the autofocus system on this camera is dependable and very sophisticated. In addition, since it allows for 4K videography, it’s definitely on the cutting edge of technology. Also, this DSLR has all of the right connectivity features (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

In terms of drawbacks, the camera’s “snap bridge” is a little bit clunky. As well, this camera doesn’t have a flash which is built-in. Also, we don’t like the fact that its live view focus system uses only contrast detection.

Overall, the drawbacks are really minor when compared to the wealth of excellent features that this camera provides.


This Camera Is Worth the Money

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We think that this model is a great choice for pro photographers. However, while its high-end, it’s low enough in price to appeal to a host of amateurs who want superior features and versatility. While it has a few minor drawbacks, we do believe that it’s well worth the money. 4K full-frame video capability is a huge bonus. However, the wonderful resolution of this camera is definitely its strongest selling point.

If you want a level of detail which is truly spectacular, as well as a fast continuous shooting speed and 4K full-frame video, you’ll find that this DSLR covers all of the bases. It comes from a trusted manufacturer and it has all of the quality and durability that Nikon is known for. While this camera isn’t cheap, it’s good enough for professional photographers and ambitious amateurs. As well, it’s a nice-looking model. This camera is a well-rounded DSLR. It’s been loaded with sensible features.

This model does receive high ratings from most reviewers and customers and we’re also really pleased with its design, user-friendliness, and performance. It’s a fine choice for photography and videography connoisseurs.


Is the Samsung Gear VR a Smart Buy?


Samsung Gear VR

If you’re interested in exploring the power and potential of virtual reality, you should know that learning about the Samsung Gear VR will be a good way to see whether or not it meets your needs. It’s not the only VR system around, so discovering its key features and pros and cons will be a good way to streamline your comparison shopping. Today, we’re going to share lots of important facts about this VR system and all that it has to offer…

It’s a Rival of the Oculus

This Samsung virtual reality system is designed to compete for market share with the Oculus. The future of virtual reality is still up in the air. However, the makers of the Samsung Gear VR are definitely offering something special which speaks to the needs and wants of present-day consumers!

While the software available for use with this system hasn’t achieved “killer app” status at this point in time, there are some very entertaining software options for this system and it’s safe to say that most people find the immersive world of Samsung Gear VR to be addictive and exciting!

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The headset which comes with this system doesn’t include cables and wires. This is good news, as it makes for a more convincing VR experience. Wires and cables may stretch, tug or tangle and take us out of the action. We approve of the wireless design of this system, as it eliminates the drawbacks which are frequently associated with cables and wires.

However, every VR system has its disadvantages and this one is no exception. The first “con” that you should be aware of is the fact that you’ll need a Samsung smartphone in order to power up the Samsung Gear VR. Unlike some competing VR systems, it doesn’t get power via console or personal computer.

With this in mind, we are certain that developers will experience a few limitations in terms of visuals. Mobile tech is weaker overall, so you may find that visuals for this system aren’t as great as what you’ll get when you choose a VR system which is powered by a PC or console.

This system is a headset. The smartphone is something that you’ll need to buy separately if you don’t have one already. Also, another “con” is that this headset doesn’t come with a controller. For this reason, most developers for the Samsung Gear VR are choosing to focus their efforts on the touchpad and on head-tracking. This brings more limitations!

This Headset is Still Excellent

Sure, it has some drawbacks. However, it’s still got much to offer. Samsung smartphones are amazingly popular with consumers, which means that a lot of people own them and love them already, so they do have the smartphones that are needed in order to use this VR headset at the ready.

Naturally, owning a smartphone of this type means that you won’t need to pay as much in order to experience the wonders of virtual reality. You already have a key component.

This means that you’ll pay less to buy this headset than you would for a lot of other VR headsets. This system is budget-friendly, to say the least, so whether needing a smartphone from Samsung in order to use the system is a “pro” or a “con” is really dependent on your point of view. If you’re interested in the economy, it may actually be a chief selling point, rather than a turn-off.

While this headset may be considered a “lite” version of VR, it’s ideal for most casual VR users. It’s very accessible and this is a good thing. In fact, we consider it more accessible than Oculus, Sony, and HTC headsets. Also, it was the first VR headset on the market, so it has a proven track record.

Is This Headset Right for You?

If you’re an Android fan and you utilize a Samsung smartphone, you’ll find that you’re able to purchase this virtual reality headset for a relatively low sum. Also, you’ll find that it’s pretty user-friendly and intuitive.

While it may lack the graphical punch of VR headsets which are powered by PCs or consoles, it’s a cheap headset which is fun to use. If this is what you want, then we recommend the Samsung Gear Vr headset wholeheartedly. You’ll have fun with it, without breaking the bank!

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Camera Is a Smart Pick

If you’ve been thinking about buying a new mirrorless digital camera, you should know that the Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Camera is a smart pick and well worth a second look. When you choose this model, you’ll access so much high technology which is just so easy to use!

This camera is perfect for all skill levels, from newbies to intermediates to experts, and it’s designed to help photographers maximize their creativity!

This Camera is Feature-packed

This is a sophisticated camera. However, it’s user-friendly. When you choose this Olympus design, you’ll access stunning picture quality, a premium image stabilization system (5-axis) and controls which are placed intuitively. This camera will assist you with developing your own style.

As well, you’ll find that this attractive camera is compact enough to be simple to carry. It’s supremely portable and comfortable to hold. If you love to do street shooting, you’ll find that it’s a discreet choice. Bear in mind that it’s good for more than street shooting. It’s also perfect for mini-macro shooting and longer-range shots, such as wildlife photography.

Discover Its Technical Features

The Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Camera features 16 megapixels for clear and crisp resolution, as well as the superb image stabilization system that we talked about earlier. As well, it comes with a Touch auto-focus system, as well as a great shutter release system.

In addition, it’s got an interactive OLED viewfinder which is electronic. When you select this model, you’ll be able to perform sequential shooting at 8.5fps. Also, you’ll be able to record video in high-definition, with 1080p.
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Also, this model comes with a flash that is built-in, as well as an auto-focus system that is an eighty-one point design of the selectable type. This camera comes with fourteen exciting and arty filters and includes a ShutterFocus Bracketing feature which is electronic and high-speed. It also features Wi-Fi1/16000s.

As you can see, it really does have all of the elements that most photographer/videographers want and need! Also, it comes from a trusted Japanese brand which has been around since 1919.

Pros and Cons to Consider

There’s a lot to like about this mirrorless digital camera. We think that it’s discreet, compact size is a plus. As well, we find that it’s versatile enough to be a great choice for a lot of different types of photography. As well, this camera comes with a lot of buttons which may be customized.

When we tried this camera, we found that it produced excellent image quality. As well, it offers great performance without any glitches or problems. Also, we love the fact that this camera comes with a touch-screen display which tilts.

In terms of drawbacks, we’re not fans of the camera’s 4k timelapse (at 5fps playback. Also, this model doesn’t come with 4K video and its power switch isn’t the best that we’ve used.

Lastly, it doesn’t have an input for a mic, which is a bit inconvenient.

Is This Camera Right for You?

This camera isn’t too expensive. It usually retails for around five hundred bucks (prices will vary based on where you buy). If this price point works for you and you want a camera which helps you to find a distinct style as a photographer, then this Olympus model may be right up your alley.

It has a lot of positive features and very few drawbacks. We found it easy to get the hang of using it and you probably will, too.

As well, it’s compact enough to be fun to take with you, so you may find that you bring your camera alone more often.

The makers of this practical camera have thought of just about everything. There’s very little that they’ve missed! For this reason, we rate this style 4.5/5 stars. The lack of 4K video is probably its biggest disadvantage. If this doesn’t matter much to you, then this may be the mirrorless digital camera that you’ve been waiting for.

Find it online in order to save money or look for it in local stores. It’s a camera that is popular and it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Now that you know more about the Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Camera, why not treat yourself to this exceptional model today?

Is the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera Right for You?

Canon EOS Rebel SL 1

If you want to invest in a new digital camera and the idea of owning the world’s smallest digital SLR is appealing, then you’ll benefit from reading this Canon EOS 100D SLR camera review. We’re going to take a look at all of the main features of this popular digital camera, along with its pros and cons.

By offering you a fair and balanced review, we hope to make it easier for you to decide on a new camera. This highly-rated model definitely earns accolades from lots of real-life owners, so there is a chance that this is the digital camera that you’ve been waiting for!

Features of the EOS 100D SLR

Classified as a “mini-DSLR”, this Canon-brand camera is a compact design which is supremely portable. It’s got a lot of the same product specifications as the Canon EOS 650D. For example, it comes with a sensor of the APS-C CMOS type, which features eighteen megapixels for crisp and vibrant resolution.

As well, it is equipped with a focus on the Hybrid AF type, in addition to full high definition video and 4 fps continuous shooting. What makes this digital camera different is its smaller size and scale. It’s a quarter smaller and twenty-eight percent lighter than the 650D. All of the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera’s components are scaled down in order to make it more compact.

This smaller digital camera is feature-packed for the price. It definitely has plenty to offer in terms of features and its live view focus is quite exceptional, due to phase detection pixels on the appropriate sensor! Also, you’ll find that this model provides great focus while you’re shooting video. Since its focus system will cover eighty percent of your shooting area, you’ll find that capturing amazing video footage is simpler than ever before.

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Also, the focus system helps to ensure the most optimal tracking speeds during video recording and live view.

The rear of this camera is equipped with a three-inch touch screen which is capacitive. It features one thousand and forty dot resolution. You may utilize this handy touch screen in order to search menus and check out and adjust settings. As well, it functions as a convenient touch shutter which sets a focus point.

Choose Your Preferred Shooting Mode

This camera is versatile, so you’ll have lots of options. Choose Intelligent Auto, Auto, full manual shooting, food mode, kid mode or candlelight mode in order to get the best from every shot! Also, you should know that this camera will give you the power to get tons of creative effects and to preview these effects before you actually take pictures that feature the effects!

In fact, this camera will give you the power to record a couple of versions of each photograph. One will be effect-free and the other will feature the effect.

This feature is great for newbies, as they don’t need to resort to RAW files if effects don’t give the desired results.

Pros and Cons to Consider

This camera’s sensor is pretty standard on Canon models over the past few years, so it’s not ground-breaking, but it certainly works well! In our view, the sensor is a “pro”. As well, this camera is light in weight and very easy to carry and control. It may even fit into a bigger pocket!

However, one drawback of this compact digital camera is that its touchscreen isn’t the most intuitive design around. It’s pretty simple to use, but probably could be a bit more intuitive. Also, you’ll see focus shifting while it’s happening. Some people don’t mind watching the camera focus, while others would rather not see it. So, this could be a pro or con, depending on your own opinion of things!

We Recommend This Camera

Now that you know more about the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera, why not check it out online? It’s a camera that we’re so comfortable recommending. Its compact size makes it so simple to use and its advantages dramatically outweigh its drawbacks.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see that it makes it easy to get amazing video footage and stills. While no digital camera is perfect, this one does have the bells and whistles that most photography buffs are looking for!

Fujifilm X100F 24.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera


Fujifilm X100F digital camera review.

The Fujifilm X100F is easily one of the most beautiful digital cameras to be produced in the last 10 years or so. Fujifilm has absolutely knocked it out when it comes to the X100F digital camera.

The design and overall aesthetic of this Fujifilm camera are very retro-inspired, but don’t be tricked into thinking that this digital camera is just another pretty face. This is a very serious camera designed for photography professionals and amateurs alike, and it’s one of the most impressive options money can buy today!

Overall impression

People are describing the Fujifilm X100F as the “ultimate enthusiast compact camera”, and it’s easy to see why. Filled with top-tier digital camera technology pioneered by the engineers at Fujifilm, this is a camera that has beautiful design, a hybrid viewfinder, unbelievable image quality, a larger battery, and even built-in “film simulation” modes that allow you to shoot new digital photos using vintage film as your medium – or at least that’s how it will appear when your digital photos are uploaded to your computer.

This version has been six years in the making from the folks at Fujifilm, and all agree that they absolutely knocked it right out of the park.
Check Latest Price Special features

There are plenty of special features to get really excited about as part of the X100F, but the most impressive has to be the brand-new CMOS sensor that features 24.3 megapixels and so much light transmission that you’re going to be able to take stunning photographs in almost any light condition – even pitch dark – without any trouble whatsoever.

The 3 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera is going to double as a hybrid viewfinder, but it’s also going to accurately reproduce all of the colors of that your camera is picking up through the lens and the sensor. This not only allows you to rapidly bring your camera into focus on any target you are shooting, but it also guarantees that you are able to get EXACTLY the shot you are looking for without having to fiddle around any.

This hybrid viewfinder is something really special, especially considering the fact that it features 2.36 million dots in the LED display. You will also be able to command and control every aspect of your camera this hybrid viewfinder, using the built-in touchscreen modules to change your exposure, your white balance, your composition, and so much more without ever having to “leave your shot”.

Battery life has improved

The battery life of the Fujifilm X100F is definitely the star of the show with this new camera, and it ranks right up there with the brand-new CMOS sensor as the most important leaps forward that this digital camera has made in embracing new technology.

You’ll be able to fast charge this camera from completely dead to 50% in 30 minutes or less, and you’ll be able to get back up to 100% battery in about 1 ½ hours or so. Combine that with the “runtime” that this camera offers – more than five hours of continuous shooting with no difficulty whatsoever – and you are really looking at something special here.

Impossible to beat build quality

Fujifilm has really elevated their game with the X100F, building it out of the most high-quality construction components of available bar none. This is a camera that feels a little bit heavy in the hand, especially for a compact camera, but any serious enthusiast or photography professional will tell you that this is critical – as a slightly heavier camera guarantees more stability while you are shooting photos or video.

The entire unit looks a lot like a vintage Leica without ever actually ripping off that classic design, and it feels premium, looks premium and IS premium across the board. Controls are mounted directly on the top and sides of the camera, are easy to access, and create a really effortless control scheme that is tough to beat.

Final verdict

When all is said and done, there are plenty of different camera options you have the opportunity to pick and choose from. But if you’re serious about spending your money wisely on a full-blown professional digital camera even if you aren’t actually a professional – but don’t want to spend the $3000-$5000 or more than most professional grade DSLR cameras command these days – the Fujifilm X100F is going to be PERFECT for you.

VR headset review

Is the Oculus Rift VR Headset Right for You?


If you’re interested in enjoying virtual reality technology at home, you should know that the Oculus Rift VR Headset offers plenty of benefits for a fair price. It’s a well-known VR headset which many people believe in. Today, we’d like to share information about the key features of this particular headset, as well as any pros and cons. Our goal is to make your comparison-shopping easier by giving you all of the facts that you need in one convenient place.


Main Features of This Headset       Check Latest Price


The Oculus Rift features an advanced display, as well as a constellation tracking system which is low-latency and very precise. When you choose this virtual reality headset, you’ll find that it gives you the feeling of really being there! As well, this respected VR headset is so comfortable to wear. You may customize and adapt it to your own needs. Also, it’s got the sleek and futuristic looks that you want!

The Rift headset is meant to be so user-friendly. It’s been designed with user pleasure, ease, and convenience in mind. When you choose this VR headset, you’ll enter into a whole new world which is inspiring and entertaining. For example, you’ll be able to download and enjoy games from lots of different categories.

Whether you love action role-playing games, puzzle games, science-fiction shooters or other types of games, you’ll be able to play them while you wear your headset and this will provide you with the most immersive and enriching experience imaginable!

At present, every customer who buys this headset gets Lucky’s Tale along with his or her purchase. Lucky’s Tale is known for being the “Super Mario of virtual reality”! So, getting a free game which is lots of fun to play will be a nice bonus.

Bear in mind that you will need to have a personal computer with Windows and a Web connection to utilize the Oculus Rift VR headset. You’ll find full system recommendations wherever this VR headset is sold.

Pros and Cons of This VR Headset

This VR headset features cutting-edge displays and state-of-the-art optics which are just right for virtual reality. Also, they have an excellent refresh rate, as well as display which is low-persistence. All of these high-tech elements come together and provide the end-user with amazing visual fidelity, as well as a field of view which is very wide and immersive.

In terms of cons, virtual reality headsets aren’t the cheapest items around. These ones generally retail for just under five hundred bucks. If this price point is ok with you, you may find that this beloved headset, which makes lots of customers really happy, is well worth the money.

Discover the HTC Vive VR Headset


Are you interested in taking advantage of everything that virtual reality has to offer? If so, you should know that the HTC Vive VR headset will give you the power to enjoy room scale technology which turns any room into a three-dimensional space.

Sensors give this popular VR headset its virtual reality power. When you wear it, you’ll be able to navigate as usual. You’ll utilize motion-tracked controllers which are handheld in order to communicate, enjoy environments which are immersive, manipulate objects and interact precisely.

Sounds fun and intriguing, doesn’t it?

Virtual reality is the wave of the future and you may enjoy it today, just by ordering your own HTC Vive VR Headset online.

This headset was launched early in 2015 and it remains a sensible choice for discerning VR fans.

Main Features of This VR Headset

When you put this headset on, the “real world” will be washed away in an instant. You’ll be able to enter a fantastic new realm and play tons of amazing games, from the pool to ping-pong and beyond. You’ll access superior technological features, including SteamVR tracking, a field of view which measures one hundred and ten feet, controls which are intuitive, stellar graphics, feedback of the HD haptic type and so much more. The sense of immersion will be unparalleled.

Also, owners of HTC Vive VR headsets are able to access a lot of exciting experiences. There is a subscription platform for headset owners which gives them access to the latest games and virtual reality experiences. With this headset, fresh games and experiences will be at your fingertips whenever you want them, so you’ll never, ever get bored!


Check Latest Price


Which Games Will You Play?

Once you try this headset, you’ll be able to access games or bundled games. Popular choices which are compatible with this VR headset include Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator. Also, Tilt Brush and Space Pirate Trainer are crowd-pleasing games that headset owners appreciate. This headset is a chief competitor of the Oculus Rift VR headset. Oculus Rift may have the edge in terms of exclusive games, but HTC is moving forward and providing more exciting options to their headset owners.

Now that you know more about the HTC Vive VR Headset and all that it has to offer, why not treat yourself to this ultra-modern entertainment system today? When you do, you’ll access immersive experiences which expand your horizons and take you straight into the future of entertainment.

Discover The Nikon D3400 And Its Compatible Lenses

Today, we’d like to share in-depth information about the features of the Nikon D3400, as well as facts about the best compatible lenses for this mid-range digital camera…

Why It’s So Special

This camera records video, as well as still photographs, and it features a high-quality NIKKOR lens which will make it easy for you to capture so many special moments! For example, when you choose this make and model, you’ll find that shooting when the light is low is a total breeze. This DSLR is renowned for working well in dimmer lighting conditions!

As well, you’ll find that it is a great choice for capturing fast action! Since it’s so versatile, it will also allow you to take stunning portraits which feature realistic skin tones and tons of rich dimension, as well as backgrounds which feature the perfect level of blur.

If you want pro photographer results, without spending a fortune, you’ll love the pictures that you take with the Nikon D3400!

Access Easy-to-use High Technology  Check Latest Price

This Nikon camera comes with SnapBridge technology which is exclusive to this brand. When you take photos with the camera, your pictures will be transferred to a tablet or smartphone automatically. They’ll be ready to share right away!

SnapBridge technology integrates with Nikon Image Space, which is a site for sharing and storage “in the cloud”. This means that you’ll be able to back up your images and make albums that you may share with others.

The superlative connectivity that this digital camera offers makes it a practical choice and also makes it great fun to use.

More Features of This Model

When you choose this model, you’ll access a DSLR with a DX-format CMOS image sensor. The image sensor has 24.2 megapixels for truly superior resolution. As well, this camera doesn’t have an optical, low-pass filter, which is a good thing.

The lack of this filter is one reason why this camera takes such breathtaking photographs. Cameras which do have optical low-pass filters tend to take softer images, as the filters cause the cameras to lose a portion of their resolution.

As well, you’ll be pleased to know that this design is quite compact. It doesn’t weigh too much, either, so it’s simple to use and tote around.

The Nikon D3400 is a camera which is appropriate for every level of skill. When you choose this model, you may utilize the camera’s built-in and ultra-modern “guide mode” in order to learn the art and science of photography while you take pictures!

Also, this DSLR features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Pros and Cons of This Model

We love the compact, lightweight design of this camera. Also, we like its long battery life and we’re thrilled that it offers such excellent auto-focus performance for single shots. In addition, the connectivity features of this DSLR are definitely right on the cutting-edge. For its mid-range price tag, it does offer a lot of bang for the buck.

In terms of drawbacks, this model comes with a liquid crystal display (LCD) screen which doesn’t feature touch operation. As well, the display screen is a bit reflective, which we don’t love.

Now, let’s talk about the lenses which are compatible with this model…

Learn About Nikkor Series Lenses    Check Latest Price

Nikkor Series Lenses come directly from Nikon and some lenses from this series are perfect for the Nikon D3400. One lens to consider is the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX. This lens is very compact, it’s not too expensive and it is optically superb. It features a big aperture of f/1.8, so it gathers plenty of light and makes shooting in dimmer conditions easier.

Also, its auto-focus is wonderful as it’s designed to work with this particular camera and other DX cameras from Nikon.

You may blur an entire background with this lens, which will bring your subject into the spotlight. This gives a pro look.

We recommend the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX for portraiture, wedding photography, dim lighting conditions and indoor photo shoots.

If you’re interested in finding a zoom lens from the Nikkor Series, you may want to consider the Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX II. It’s less expensive than many zoom lenses with the same focal length and similar apertures, yet provides exceptional performance.

This lens features rock-solid construction. It has substance galore. Its f/2.8 aperture means that it’s an awesome choice for taking pictures when the light is dim, without needing to elevate the ISO to a significant degree. For example, if you want to take pictures in nightclubs, this may be the Nikon D3400-compatible zoom lens that you’ve been looking for!

This lens is recommended for indoor photography, sky photography, night photography, and landscapes. Basically, you’ll be paying for a lens which works well in dimmer lighting.

There are lots of other Nikkor Series lenses which are compatible. The two that we discussed here are great choices, but there are various styles available.

One is the Nikon 40mm f/2.8G AF-S DX Micro, which is a “macro” lens that is ideal for shooting insects and products.

Another lens to consider is the Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S, which is quite similar to the Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX that we discussed above, but with a focal length which is longer…

Is the Nikon D3400 Right for You?

If a mid-range price point fits your budget and you want a camera which is simple to use and has the modern connectivity features that you want and expect, then this DSLR may be right up your alley. It doesn’t cost too much, it takes superlative pictures and video and it’s compatible with plenty of Nikkon Series lenses.

Nikon was founded in Toyko, Japan, way back in 1917. When you invest in the Nikon D3400, you’ll be investing in a brand with a strong and positive reputation and a proven track record. This compact camera will give you so much pleasure and you’ll be proud to show off the images that you take with this highly-rated and popular digital camera.

So, why not treat yourself to the Nikon D3400 today?