The Five Best Cameras for Low Light Photography




Filming and photo shooting in low light conditions can be rather challenging, to say the least, so it’s wise to be aware of the five best cameras for low light photography. The list below are medium priced cameras for low light conditions and well worth a look.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Always one of the most popular professional grade digital cameras, the Canon 5D Mark IV is a real workhorse of a platform and is well regarded by professional photographers the world over because of its ability to take stunning photographs in almost any lighting condition.

While this particular platform may not have any skyhigh ISO capabilities that some of the other options on the market today have, its ability to produce HD and razor-sharp photos in any lighting condition – particularly in low light conditions – makes it one of the very best cameras for lowlight photography in specific.

Combine that with its very affordable price tag and you’re looking at a special camera body here that will make amateur and professional photographers very, very happy.

Sensor and image processing platform.


The Canon 5D Mark IV is engineered around a 30.4-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor that is going to pull in a ridiculous amount of light, even in situations where you may think it’s impossible to pull off a reasonably crisp or accurate photo just because of how dark the situation really is to your naked eye. On top of that, a DIGIC 6+ image processor makes sure that each image is stabilized, as clear as can be, and can be further edited (thanks to shooting in RAW) so that you can make the most of your photos in the post.

Dual pixel RAW capabilities.

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As we highlighted above, the ISO capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark IV really aren’t that special (at least compared to some of the more advanced, more modern, or more expensive options available on the market today) but with the ability to shoot with dual pixel RAW formats you won’t have to worry about those issues quite as much. Increased ISO capabilities are part and parcel of this special feature.

Autofocusing capabilities work wonder in low light situations.

The Canon 5D Mark IV features a 61 point high-density reticular AF mechanism that also utilizes a 41 cross-type AF point system, providing you with unparalleled autofocusing solutions that can really help you when you are shooting in low light conditions. This is a game-changing feature that really helps to make the Canon 5D Mark IV such a special platform for those that know they are going to be spending a lot of time shooting photos in less than ideal lighting conditions for shooting at night in particular.

All in all, you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy to sleep on everything that the Canon 5D Mark IV brings to the table. This is a perennial work camera, perfect for amateurs and professionals alike (even if it acts as a secondary camera), and has an affordable price tag that allows you to sleep easy at night knowing that you might not use it every time you go to shoot but only break it out in low light conditions.


Nikon D750


Initially released back in 2014, there are some people that are going to blanch a little bit about spending almost $2000 on a camera using three-year-old (almost 4-year-old) technology – but those people are crazy!Check Latest Price


A full frame system shooting in the FX format, the Nikon D750 is a top-tier DSLR camera capable of shooting in stunning high definition – not only still images in almost any lighting condition imaginable, but is also capable of shooting full 1080p HD video as well. This is a professional favorite and for good reason!

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Always one of the most popular professional grade digital cameras, the Canon 5D Mark IV is a real workhorse.$$$
Nikon D750 Digital SLRA full frame system shooting in the FX format, the Nikon D750 is a top-tier DSLR camera.$$
Sony Alpha A7S II Sony is one of the few purpose built lowlight cameras available on the market today that also happens to excel in a variety of other situations.$$$
Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless The build quality of the Fujifilm X-T2 is exceptional, the way that all Fujifilm cameras really have been over the past few decades.$$
PANASONIC LUMIX GH5Everything that the Panasonic GH5 brings to the table is exceptionally well done.$$

The variable angle LCD, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and the ability to shoot in full RAW format gives you the opportunity to have complete and total control over every aspect of your photo shoots and your photo sets. You’ll be able to use the variable angle LCD as a viewfinder and also use it as a touchscreen user interface to control most aspects of your shots (though physical keys are also available across the board), and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to shoot your RAW files over to your postprocessing station without having to deal with any cords or cables that could get in the way.

The sensor on the Nikon D750 is top-tier.

The image sensor that you’re going to get out of the Nikon D750 is an amazing piece of technology, complete with 3-D Color Matrix Metering and 91,000 pixel RGB technology built right in. This sensor is oversized, allowing you to capture light even in ridiculously low light situations – and that’s why so many professionals turn to this camera when they want something to get the job done right when conditions aren’t ideal.

The sensor is a 24.3 megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor, but it’s also been paired with a new image processing technology that produces faster frame rates, lower levels of noise, and a super wide ISO range of between 12,800. Even also expand the ISO range all the way up to 51,200 all while getting full HD images and videos out of this DSLR.

If you’re looking for a great professional grade camera to help you take amazing photographs in lowlight situations without breaking your bank account into tiny little pieces, the Nikon D750 is a serious contender.


Sony A7S II


While the two professional grade cameras that we highlighted above were definitely designed with a variety of different photography situations in mind, this option from Sony is one of the few purpose-built lowlight cameras available on the market today that also happens to excel in a variety of other situations – but really stands out when lighting is at a premium.

A full frame miracle is option that is definitely a lot more compact (and a lot easier to control) then the majority of the other options on the market today, a 12.2 megapixel sensor built into this camera is one of the best of the best on the market today – capable of shooting at ISO rating levels of up to 409,600.

This is game-changing technology we are talking about here.

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Amazingly, the Sony sensor technology used in this platform has also been used by other top-tier camera brands (licensing the tech directly from the folks at Sony) – and for good reason. This camera is known to be one of the few cameras that can lock in its autofocus in almost complete and total darkness just because of how much light can be captured with this oversized sensor.

Make no mistake about it, however. This camera will definitely get the job done in full light situations as well. It’s capable of shooting in full RAW without any compression, can shoot in lower levels of ISO to control noise, and has maybe one of the very best autofocusing technology configurations on the market today. This makes this camera perfect for amateurs as well as professionals, especially if they are looking for a camera that isn’t super heavy or ridiculously oversized.

The image stabilization technology “baked right in” to the Sony A7S II is exceptional, too. A five-axis image stabilization platform provides 4 ½ different stops of shake compensation, allowing you to really maximize the overall quality and stability of the images that you are capturing in lowlight situations. This is especially important taking lowlight portraitures, and something that a lot of other top-tier cameras struggle with – while costing you almost twice as much as the Sony A7S II would right out of the box.

All in all, there’s a lot to love with when it comes to the Sony A7S II. Add in the fact that it is a mirror list solution that cuts down on size and weight while still offering you complete and total control over each and every individual shot you take – and maybe the best camera sensor bar none (low light or otherwise) – and you are looking at a real winner here.


Fujifilm X-T2



While right out of the box, the Fujifilm X-T2 looks a lot like its predecessor – and not nearly as feature-rich as some of the other DSLR options on the market today – you would be making a huge mistake to fall into the trap of thinking that this camera is anything less than one of the best professional grade options (particularly when it comes to lowlight situation photography).

The build quality of the Fujifilm X-T2 is exceptional, the way that all Fujifilm cameras really have been over the past few decades. This is a tank in every respect, overbuilt and utilizing the highest and construction materials throughout to provide you with a safe, stable, and durable platform in a full frame camera that you can trust and rely on.

Sure, it’s going to be a little heavy (particularly if you aren’t using a tripod or a bipod to help you set up shots), but that extra weight adds a lot of stability to your photos that you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

A dream for shooting in lowlight situations, the sensor included with the Fujifilm X-T2 ranks right up there amongst the very best options are available. It may fall a little bit short of the technology that Sony is putting out, but all the same, you are going to be amazed at the quality of the HD shots that can be taken with the Fujifilm X-T2 for sure.

Top-tier sensor paired with the game-changing image processor.

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The Fujifilm X-T2 features a 24.3 megapixel Ex-Trans CMOS sensor III that is paired with a brand-new X-Processor Pro, a lightning-fast image processor that guarantees you’re able to enjoy almost instant shutter control, extreme startup time, a shooting interval of 0.17 seconds, and phase detection AF and motion predictive AF that allows for some of the sharpest and clearest continuous shooting of action seems – all the way up to eight frames per second.

You can use the booster grip to shoot that rate of control up to 11 frames per second really take things to the next level, all while you are shooting in ridiculously low light situations.

Top features to look for in a professional grade DSLR as well.

The beautiful 0.48 inch 2.36 million.O LED viewfinder is going to provide you with a crystal clear image of what you are about to shoot and capture, with accurate color representation and the ability to magnify the image in your viewfinder to take things to the next level.

Automatic brightness adjustment features, the ability to shoot in full 4K video as well as full high-definition video, and an intelligently designed control scheme that gives you complete and total control over every aspect of your image captured – even before you go to post – is nothing short of exceptional.

At the end of the day, the Fujifilm X-T2 has everything that you could be looking for in a lowlight camera and then some. This may not be quite as often recommended as options from Canon or Nikon or new contenders from Sony, but Fujifilm continues to knock it right out of the park.


Panasonic GH5


Perfectly situated in the “prosumer” level of cameras – not quite a professional grade camera but certainly not an amateur level camera, either – everything that the Panasonic GH5 brings to the table is exceptionally well done (particularly the lowlight shooting capabilities of this camera) at a price tag that isn’t ever going to break your bank account.

A compact mirror list camera, this isn’t a full framed DSLR by any stretch of the imagination and that is actually one of its biggest selling points. You don’t have to worry about an oversized or ridiculously heavy full frame camera wearing you out on a long day of shooting, and you also don’t have to worry about that oversized monstrosity causing you to get into uncomfortable positions to get the shot that you are looking for.

Instead, you’ll be able to depend on this amazing piece of tech to produce stunning high-definition videos and photographs – shooting in full 4K – regardless of the lowlight situations that you may find yourself in. This is all because of the top-tier image sensor and image processor included in this camera, as well as the five-axis image stabilization tech that is such a big part of everything that Panasonic GH5 has to offer.

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Ruggedly designed and with a very intelligent control scheme, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly get the hang of using the Panasonic GH5 without ever feeling like you aren’t able to control every aspect of your shots. This can all be done postprocessing because you’re able to shoot in full RAW when you are shooting still images – even in lowlight situations – you’ll be able to really go to town on your photos in post to knock it out of the park.

The 20.3 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor is a bit of a game changer when it comes to mirror list technology, producing excellent detail and giving you the opportunity to capture more stars in the night sky then you would have been able to see with the naked eye. This really goes to show just how impressive the lowlight capture technology of the Panasonic GH5 is.

While you may not ever be able to rival the extreme resolution or the “shoot in total dark” capabilities of full framed cameras, the fact that you’re able to get this kind of performance out of a top-tier sensor like this in a compact mirror list camera that isn’t exactly “professional grade” is nothing short of exceptional and something that those not looking to spend an arm and a leg on a new camera should be looking into more closely.

All things considered, there’s a lot to fall in with when it comes to the Panasonic GH5. The technology is advanced, the price tag is just right, and the fact that it utilizes mirror list solutions rather than traditional DSLR technology guarantees that you are on the cutting edge of photography and will be for years and years to come.

At such an affordable price point, it really doesn’t get much better than this option from Panasonic!

Sony RX10 Mark IV

One of the most impressive cameras to be released by Sony in a couple of years (and that’s really saying something, as Sony has been on a streak of home run after home run for quite a while now), the Sony RX10 Mark IV is a premium “super zoom” bridge style camera that has one of the most advanced Sony sensors packed inside of it.

This results in a camera that takes incredibly lifelike, accurate, and high definition photos in almost any lighting situation imaginable, with the ability to zoom to the action in a way that some other cameras wouldn’t even consider attempting.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and getting your hands on a premium level camera, far above the “prosumer” level, the Sony RX10 Mark IV is everything you could have hoped it to be and then some.

Important specifications to be aware of:

20 megapixel 1 inch stacked BSI CMOS sensor from Sony

  • 24 – 600 mm F2.4-4 stabilized zoom lens included with the body
  • 24 frames per second burst shooting capabilities in both JPEG and raw format, with 100% AF and AE capabilities
  • Phase detection autofocus system with 315 points to cover 65% of the frame
  • The ability to capture ridiculously detailed 4K video with a rolling shutter system
  • Touchscreen capabilities and an optimized user interface
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Standout features to pay attention to:

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that the body of the Sony RX10 Mark IV is almost perfectly identical to the previous iteration – and it includes the same outstanding lens that made the previous version of the Sony RX10 Mark IV such a game changer itself.

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But this new model, the Sony RX10 Mark IV, includes a fully integrated touchscreen that can also be used as a touchpad to place AF points, giving you the kind of control over your photography that just isn’t possible with a more standard viewfinder and control scheme.

On top of that, it’s amazing Sony sensor allows it to capture incredibly vivid still imagery and stunning 4K video in nearly any lighting condition. Its autofocus with 315 points makes it ridiculously fast and allows for the use of autofocus lenses as well as manual focus lenses, and the variable ND filter makes it something really special.

Usability and overall design:

We have highlighted the importance of the Sony touchscreen built into the back of the Sony RX10 Mark IV a couple of times now, but it really is important to reinforce just how easy it makes using the camera when you have something as intelligently designed as this leading the way.

Manual buttons and adjustments can be made throughout the platform as well, but the touchscreen and the new overhauled user interface make adjustments on the screen about as effortless and as customized as possible. Swiping your finger this way and that can control a variety of different features with a level of degree never before possible, and this really helps to illustrate just how important the overall design Sony RX10 Mark IV really is.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a high-level new camera that offers incredible HD video capture capabilities, beautiful still images, and an out-of-the-box zoom lens quite unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, the Sony RX10 Mark IV seems like it’s going to be right up your alley.

The price tag will be a little bit steep for some people, but this is a professional grade piece of equipment that is as future proof as possible and is going to be an important platform for amateurs and professionals for quite a while!

Great 360 Action Cameras for 2018


Rylo Review

As far as 360° cameras are concerned, there may not be a more advanced piece of technology on the market today and the Rylo – which is both a very, very good thing and a bit of a handicap, too.

For starters, the next generation technology included in the Rylo makes this may be the most impressive compact 360° camera money can buy. The price tag is super affordable, the build quality is top-notch, and the video that this camera is capable of capturing is like nothing else.

On the flip side of things, however, the advanced technology is so far ahead of everything else out there that every now and again the “ghosts in the machine” cause your video to look like complete junk for no real reason whatsoever. This cutting-edge technology can freak out for any different number of reasons, most of them relating to the next generation technology, which can become a bit of a frustration.

Design and Performance

Design and performance -wise, you won’t find a better 360° HD camera on the market today that can top of everything the Rylo has to offer.

Designed and developed by a couple of acts top Instagram employees, this camera takes advantage of lens list video capture technology (and a whole host of software on the backend) to produce stable, buttery smooth, and incredibly clear 360° videos with no real effort on your end whatsoever.

Standout Features

The biggest standout feature has to be the fact that the Rylo never seems to shake, never seems to wobble, and never seems to produce video that is anything other than super stable – except for every now and again your video will look like it was captured in some alternate dimension because of the way that the software algorithms screwed something up.

The lack of manual control also means that you can get up and running with the Rylo in about 10 seconds, never having to fiddle with a viewfinder, never having to hook up to your phone, and never having to play with accessories that are difficult to get a hang of. Some people aren’t in love with the lack of manual control, but once you get the hang of using this system everything is pretty intuitive.

Final Verdict

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At the end of the day, there’s no other camera on the market today that can come close to offering everything that the Rylo brings to the table.

As cutting-edge as you are going to find and loaded with next-generation technology, this is a game changer and well worth the occasional frustration resulting from the advanced technology itself. We definitely recommend the Rylo!

GARMIN VIRB 360 Review

For a couple of years now, the folks at Garmin have been knocking it out of the park when it comes to top-tier action cameras – with many of them competing with the always popular Go Pro line.

Recently, however, the company has really been taking things to new levels with their action cameras. Introducing new technology, new software, and some pretty amazing features that other cameras on the market just can’t touch.

The brand-new GARMIN VIRB 360 is a perfect example of everything that Garmin now brings to the table!

Design and Performance

From a design standpoint, and engineering standpoint, and a performance standpoint, you’ll have a tough time finding something nicer than the GARMIN VIRB 360.

Offering full 360° video capture technology with the help of a 2” x 1.23” CMOS 12 megapixel sensor, this camera is going to shoot 360° photos at a resolution of 5640 x 2860 – giving it the ability to shoot in MP4 format up to 4K resolutions and RAW formats up to 5.7 K resolutions.

This is a game changer!

On top of that, the camera is very much designed to go anywhere and everywhere you want to go. Everything about this system is self-contained, including the high-end and high-speed Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity that allows this GARMIN VIRB 360 camera to connect to any of your devices for video capture and video editing.

Standout Features

The built-in GPS and glow Nass/G metrics system that the GARMIN VIRB 360 includes is one of the most impressive features of any action camera. Not only is it going to capture stunning high-definition video and audio while you are out and about, but it’s also going to record your location data, your speed and altitude data, and so much more – helping you to really flesh out all of the human highlight reels you record with this system.Check Latest Price

Combining the GARMIN VIRB 360 with a tripod turns it into a super stable and effortless to use the system. When you combine the GARMIN VIRB 360 with the downloadable mobile applications for iOS and Android devices (as well as desktop software for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux users) you will be able to edit and process your video quickly and efficiently without hogging up all of your system resources.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, the 360° video camera market is getting more and more crowded on an almost daily basis.

The GARMIN VIRB 360 separates itself from the rest of the pack, however, giving you the kind of advanced technology and affordability you are looking for in a system that is easy to use, fun to take advantage of, and a platform that is going to produce high-quality results for years to come.

Check out the GARMIN VIRB 360 today!

Insta360 One Review

Even though the technology used to power 360° compact cameras is still relatively new, the market is becoming flooded with different options that almost every price point imaginable – and you’re going to have your hands full trying to sift through the different choices.

Thankfully though, the Insta360 One definitely makes finding the perfect 360°/panorama video camera a lot easier. Designed to shoot 4K video in stunning crystal-clear high definition, as well as 24 megapixel still photography shots perfect for panoramas, this camera is about as simple and as straightforward to use as you are going to come across.

It doesn’t hurt that the Insta360 One is so competitively priced, intuitive to start playing with, and capable of exporting video out to all of your favorite editing and processing applications without much difficulty.


Design and Performance

Designed specifically to partner with the iPhone (but also able to quickly integrate with a variety of other mobile devices through Bluetooth connectivity), the Insta360 One is an advanced camera that utilizes the power and hardware of your mobile device to do the “heavy lifting” while taking advantage of integrated flying camera solutions to capture 360° of action.

The overall design results in a very clean, very intuitive, and very intelligent system, but it is going to rely heavily on the mobile device that you have. It’s important to know that right out of the box.

Standout Features

The ability for this camera to take such stable pictures even while you are swinging it around your head (like a flying camera) or using the included “selfie stick” to capture action away from your subject is very impressive, and the built-in six-axis stability technology that this camera features is second to none on the market today.

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Lowlight situations are still going to result in a crystal-clear video, and because this system can shoot in 4K – at 30 FPS – all of the videos that you have to process in a post are going to look great.

Final Verdict

The included postprocessing applications really aren’t that polished, but thankfully the Insta360 One system works well with any of the other postprocessing and video editing software and applications you may already be familiar with.

This gives you an opportunity to hit the ground running with a system that is already smartly designed and intuitive to use, though exporting your videos from this camera will require you to connect it to your mobile device before you can start moving those video files around.

At the end of the day, this is a neatly designed little piece of hardware that a lot of people are really going to come to appreciate. Check out the Insta360 One today.

GoPro Fusion

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the folks at GoPro or leading the charge when it comes to 360° cameras. After all, these kinds of cameras are perfectly suited to everything that the GoPro brand has been about since Day One – allowing you to capture all of your highlights no matter what you are doing in stunning high definition, and now it’s possible to do so from all angles!

Not only are these cameras very well made for outdoor activities and action shots, but they also open up a world of opportunity for those looking to get in on the ground floor of all that Virtual Reality promises to offer.

Spherical cameras can be more than a little bit pricey, but the GoPro Fusion is a spherical camera that won’t break your bank account and still offers all of the high-end features you are after.

Overall design and performance



GoPro cameras have always been about as indestructible as a camera can be, and the Fusion is no exception. This is a super-powered square camera that can withstand pretty much everything and anything you could throw at it, with design, engineering, and build quality all getting top marks.

As far as performance is concerned, the GoPro Fusion really shines. Capable of shooting 5.2 K resolution at 30 FPS – or 60 frames per second if you downgrade to 3K resolution –this is a game changer at this price point. Stunning in bright and dynamic situations and still chugging along nicely when the light is anything but ideal, this camera is also fantastic when it comes to water resistance – giving you full waterproofing up to 16 feet down.

The software that comes bundled with the GoPro Fusion is pretty solid, but the potential of this software really hasn’t been reached just yet. The desktop version of this software is still a little bit clunky and a little bit difficult to use compared to some of the other options on the market today, but the mobile applications designed to work directly with the Fusion are really rock solid.

Final verdict

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At the end of the day, you aren’t going to be able to find too terribly many 360° HD video cameras out there as well built, as well designed, and as relatively simple and straightforward to use as the GoPro Fusion.

There might be other options on the market that do a slightly better job at everything that the Fusion brings to the table, but almost all of that will set you back an arm and a leg – and the Fusion won’t!


Best Bridge Camera Reviews for 2018

Here are a few add-on reviews to the growing list of “Best of the Year Bridge Cameras” which we started a couple years ago. Several of the cameras from our archived 2016 and 2017 lists should be included in this years review. Have a look here!

Discover the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 / FZ82 Digital Camera

Today, we want to discuss the benefits of the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 / FZ82 digital camera. This design is a bridge camera. It’s an “all in one” model which is simple to use, despite its high-tech functionality. If you want to move your photography skills forward, you’ll find that choosing this Lumix camera from Panasonic is the key to improving…fast!

Now, we’d talk about all of the things that make this camera such a standout.

Main Features and Benefits

This model offers plenty of bang for the buck, thanks to its user-friendly controls, its optical zoom (which is very powerful) and its LCD display, which is touch-sensitive. As well, it provides superb image stabilization. Every digital camera has some drawbacks. In our opinion, the key “con” of this model is the lack of an eye sensor for the electronic viewfinder. If you don’t mind forgoing this feature, you may find that the advantages of this model greatly outweigh its downside.

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Despite its missing eye sensor for the EVF, this camera is definitely loaded with appealing and practical features. For example, it’s got an articulated screen, which is rare at its “budget superzoom” price point, as well as 4K video capability and superlative zoom. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a bridge camera, you’ll find that it offers great features and an intuitive interface/controls, without costing a bundle.

This model is equipped with 4K photo capability and 4K video, as well as video modes which are high-res. We love its CMOS sensor, which minimizes the risk of “blooming”, as well as its back touchscreen, which offers 1040k-dots. The electronic viewfinder provides 1170 dots. Also, the zoom on this model is impressive (20-1200mm equivalent 60X).

Is This Camera Right for You?

Before you invest in a bridge camera, make sure that a bridge camera is right for you! This type of camera has been around for about ten years and it functions as “bridge” between a small point-and-shoot camera and a DSLR with all of the bells and whistles. We do think that the Panasonic Lumix FZ80/FZ82 is a great bridge camera. Like most good bridge cameras, it has some manual settings and controls, along with the user-friendliness of “snapshot” designs. You won’t be able to swap the lens with this camera. Bridge cameras aren’t designed to have interchangeable lenses.

Now that you know more about this exciting bridge camera from Canon, why not treat yourself to it today? It’ll help you to get great results, no matter where you shoot.


The Canon PowerShot G3 X Is Compact and Feature-packed

The Canon PowerShot G3 X is a popular bridge camera with loads of features. It’s also very portable and comfortable to hold, thanks to its compact design. If you’re in the market for a bridge camera which is feature-packed and produced by a trusted Japanese manufacturer with a proven track record, you’ll enjoy learning about the benefits and features of this make and model.

When you choose the Canon PowerShot G3 X, you’ll be able to take amazing pictures and video and then share them with ease. We love this camera’s technical specifications, including its ultra-modern connectivity features.

Key Features of This Model

If you want to capture special moments in and out of doors and then share them online, you’ll love the PowerShot, G3 X. Its small enough to be extremely portable, it’s rugged enough to perform in outdoor conditions and it offers exceptional picture quality, thanks to its one-inch, 20.2 MP CMOS sensor. This is a high-sensitivity sensor which makes it so simple to zoom in…at up to twenty-five times magnification!

As well, it takes video in 1080p Full High-def.

Once you’ve got your vibrant and crisp images or video, you’ll be able to share your creativity immediately, because this bridge camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Have a look..

We love the way that the Canon PowerShot G3 X performs in dim lighting conditions. We also appreciate its versatility. It’s great for landscapes, for animal photography, and for portraits. You’ll love the way that this camera minimizes blur and promotes ideal balance. The sensor is innovative and it collects plenty of light rapidly, without triggering annoying overflow (overflow tends to produce highlights that are blown out). This camera helps photography and video enthusiasts to get better results while they are shooting. As well, it comes with Near Field Communication, which is compatible with Android devices.

We also like the image processor that comes with this model. It’s a DIGIC 6 processor and it offers amazing resolution, as well as quiet performance.

Another advantage of the Canon PowerShot G3 X is its Canon HS System. It allows photographers to take pictures which are clear and bright, even when surrounding lighting isn’t perfect. If you want gorgeous pictures in dim lighting conditions, you’ll love Canon’s HS System technology. You’ll find that it provides superior detail in shadowy sections (and for highlights).

Is This Camera Right for You?

We believe in the Canon brand and think that this bridge camera offers premium ROI (return on investment). If you like its features, why not choose this compact digital camera today? In our opinion, it’s a smart investment.

Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500

If you’re looking for a superzoom digital camera in the high-end price bracket, you’ll love what the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000 / FZ2500 has to offer. This exceptional design has the same sensor as its predecessor (the beloved FZ1000), along with some truly exciting upgrades, including a new lens, an electronic viewfinder which is bigger-than-average, an ND filter which is so simple to adjust and a host of practical buttons which may be customized.

Today, we want to highlight the product features of this superb digital camera. Once you’ve learned about its key benefits, you’ll be ready to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

This Camera Takes Amazing Video

While it is ideal for capturing crisp and vibrant still images, this digital camera is also a stellar choice for video. When you choose the Panasonic Lumix FZ2000/FZ2500, you’ll find that it captures video in UHD 4K, as well as in Cinema mode. Also, it has the capacity to output 10-bit video (4:2:2) via its port (HDMI). This camera supports vlog recording, although you’ll need to shell out another ninety-nine dollars in order to enable vlogging. It’s really nice to have the v-blog recording feature, even if you don’t want to use it right now. You may want to try it in the future!

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This fixed-lens camera is a big competitor of the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III. Like its rival, the Panasonic Lumix features 4K capture, a flat picture profile and a zebra pattern. However, it eclipses the competition via its faster, longer lens and its capacity to record at high speeds (up to 960 frames per second).

When you choose this model, which comes from a trusted Japanese manufacturer that has been in business since 1918, you’ll access a CMOS sensor which prevents “blooming”. It’s a one-inch sensor (BSI-CMOS) with twenty MP. As well, you’ll love this digital camera’s lens, which offers 24-480mm equivalent F2..8-4.5. This model comes with a big viewfinder which is electronic, as well as an LCD screen which articulates fully. It also features “depth from defocus” auto-focus, in addition to a variable ND filter which is built right in.

This Design is Feature-packed

If you’re going to invest in a high-end digital camera, you’ll want every bell and whistle. This digital camera from Panasonic will deliver. It’s got all of the features and technical specifications that most people need. Plus, it’s portable, comfortable to hold and very easy to use.


The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III Is a Great Investment

If you’re in the market for a superb “bridge camera” which offers exceptional features for a fair price, you’ll benefit from discovering the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III. In our opinion, this digital camera offers so much amazing value for the money! It’s got the technical specifications and features that photography enthusiasts want and need.

When you choose this camera, you’ll be able to refine your photography skills. This is a digital camera which will grow with you. Now, let’s talk about its main benefits…

Main Benefits of This Model

This digital camera is designed to make it so simple for users to capture amazing video, as well as superlative still images. The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III is equipped with a 20 megapixel, one inch-type sensor which is stacked. The CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) sensor is really powerful.

CMOS sensors provide superior blooming control. If you want to prevent blooming (that’s when photo-charges from over-exposed pixels bleed into other pixels in the vicinity), you’ll be smart to choose a digital camera that does come with this type of sensor.

As well, this model features a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens, with F2.4-4 and 24-600mm. This lens is the reason why this make and model is marketed as a “superzoom” camera! The lens is an upgrade over the lens found in the RX10 III’s predecessor (the RX10 II).

Is a Bridge Camera Right for You?

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If you want incredible zooming power, you’ll love this “bridge camera”. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, “bridge camera”, it means a digital camera which offers a certain degree of control which is manual, as well as a viewfinder and a long-range zoom lens. A bridge camera, including the camera that we’re reviewing today, does not typically have interchangeable lenses.

A bridge camera offers elements of full DSLR and point-and-shoot cameras. The Sony Cyber-shot RX10 is a highly-rated and impressive bridge camera that we believe in, in large part thanks to its premium zoom lens.

Other features that impress include the Bionz X processor, 4K video performance, video capture capability for ultra-slow motion, a screen which tilts and a viewfinder which is a high-res, OLED design. The viewfinder comes with 2.35m dots.

Invest in Sony Quality

We think that it goes without saying that Sony is a top electronics brand. This manufacturer is known for producing reliable electronic products which are built in order to stand the test of time.

When you invest in true Sony quality, you’ll be buying the best. So, why not treat yourself to the Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III today?

Capture Special Moments with the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS

If you want to hone your photography skills, you should know that the Canon PowerShot SX60 will help you to do it. This popular digital camera is feature-packed and gets great reviews from those who buy it. It also gets a strong recommendation from our team! Today, we’d like to share information about why this digital camera is so special. Once you’ve discovered all of its benefits, you may want to order it online.

Before we outline the positive attributes of this model, let’s talk about the Canon brand. Canon is a Japanese electronics manufacturer that people trust. This company has been in business since 1937.

When you purchase the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS, you’ll be investing in quality, from a company with a proven track record.

Key Benefits of This Camera

This camera has so many great features, including 65x optical zoom and a wide-angle lens. It also comes with an optical image stabilizer which will make it easy to get perfect shots, whether you’re shooting close-up or from a distance.Have a look..

As well, we love the way that this attractive camera, which is very comfortable to hold, offers superb performance in even the dimmest lighting conditions. It’s equipped with Canon HS System technology and this innovative and exclusive technology is the reason why it captures amazing shots when lighting is less than ideal. You’ll be truly amazed by just how much detail your “low light’ images have.

Loaded with the right technical specifications, including a CMOS sensor with 16.1 megapixels, as well as an ultra-modern image processor (the DIGIC 6), this camera is easy to use. It’s designed to help photographers develop their own style signatures.

We put this design in the budget to low mid-range price bracket. If you don’t want to spend a bundle in order to access premium quality, we think that you’ll love this digital camera.

This design comes with VCM and UCM technology, which means that quiet and quick focus and zooming will be at your fingertips. You’ll also be able to attach an external microphone if you wish to. Optical zoom for this model’s high-quality, wide-angle lens is 65x (twenty-one millimeters to thirteen hundred and sixty-five millimeters), which makes this camera extremely versatile.

As well, the Canon PowerShot SX60 HS is supremely portable.

Lastly, we like the connectivity features of this Canon camera. It’s enabled for NFC and Wi-Fi, which means that you’ll be able to share pictures and videos in an instant, just by using a camera button known as Mobile Device Connect.

Get Premium Quality for Less

You won’t need to bust your budget in order to take beautiful still images and stunning video. With this affordable digital camera, you’ll access the right features and technology for a price that you can really afford.

The Best DSLR Cameras under $500 for 2018

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS60 Is Compact and Innovative

If you’re interested in buying a new digital camera which fits into the mid-range price bracket, you’ll benefit from discovering the Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS60. It’s a camera that is jam-packed with lots of appealing features and it won’t cost you a fortune. This compact camera has a sleek silver-tone finish and it’s extremely portable. It’s also very comfortable to use and easily makes the list of the best DSLR cameras under $500 for 2018.

Today, we’d like to share information about why it delivers for so many photography fans all over the world…

Key Features and Benefits

This attractive and affordable camera comes from Panasonic. Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company which has been around since 1918 and this famous manufacturer is definitely a trusted name in cameras. If brand reputation is important to you, you’ll appreciate the Panasonic name, as it has so much history behind it.

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In terms of technical features, this camera has a great lens (the 30x Leica CD, 24-720mm) which makes it an ideal choice for travel photography and for capturing everyday moments. The sensor for the Lumix DMC-ZS60 features eighteen megapixels. When you choose this camera, you’ll find that you’re able to take high-res pictures with less risk of image artifacts (image errors). It’s a camera which will help you to develop your photography skills every time that you use it!

Access 4K Video Recording

We love the 4K capability of this digital camera from Panasonic. It’s equipped with a 4K Ultra high-def video recorder. As well, it comes with Lumix 4K Photo, in addition to a 4K Post Focus picture capture feature. As well, it’s got an EVF (electronic viewfinder) which is at convenient eye level and it also has a liquid crystal display which is touch-sensitive. The premium display will allow you to enjoy a wider-than-average viewing experience.

Also, we love the control ring on this camera. It’s lens-mounted and offers the same type of exposure control that you’d get in a more expensive DSLR, within a compact camera body which offers the ultimate in “point and shoot” ease.

This Camera is Innovative and Dependable

If you want a reliable compact camera which is budget-friendly and loaded with high-tech innovation, this may be the camera for you. Its superb lens and appealing portability make it a very smart buy. Also, we appreciate the manual feel of this camera. It’s great for people who love a traditional photography experience. This model is Wi-Fi enabled, so it’s got the ultra-modern connectivity features that tech-savvy consumers need and deserve.

The Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital Camera Is So Versatile

If you want to hone your photography skills, you’ll find that the superb Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR is a great help. This highly-rated digital camera is feature-packed and offers all of the reliability that the Canon brand name is known for. Today, we’d like to share information about the key benefits and features of this exciting, easy-to-use camera. It’s a perfect choice for landscape photography and portraits and it also takes wonderful action shots.

When you select this camera, you’ll find that it has plenty of processing power…and a lot of pixels, too.

Main Features and Benefits

This ultra-modern digital camera is a mid-range to high-end model. It’s aimed at consumers who want to try ILCs (interchangeable lens cameras) for the very first time, as well as consumers who are considering upgrading from smartphone cameras. It’s not super-expensive but costs more than some budget digital cameras.

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Overall, it offers a lot of value for an affordable price. Classified as an “entry-level DSLR”, this camera has enough power and features to help amateur photographers become masters. It’s a camera that will grow you with you as develop your own photography style.

We find that this Canon digital camera really delivers in terms of image quality, thanks to its 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, as well as its nine-point auto-focus system! In terms of other technical specifications, the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital Camera features a maximum focal length of eighteen millimeters and a minimum focal length of fifty-five millimeters. Its maximum aperture is 5.6 f/. We also like the video resolution for this camera, which is 1920 by 1080.

As well, it’s has a built-in Wi-Fi system, which makes picture sharing simple.

Is This DSLR Right For You?

When you choose this model, you’ll gain access to Canon’s lens system. You’ll also love the shooting guide that is available “on screen”. In addition, raw capture support will be exceptional and the rear liquid crystal display will be very crisp. We also think that the Wi-Fi for this model is first-rate.

The EOS Rebel T6 is an updated version of the popular T5, which was launched in 2014. One drawback of the T6 is that it doesn’t provide auto-focus during video recordings, although it has superlative auto-focus features for still photos. Overall, this model offers plenty of bang for the buck. It’s also a dependable camera that is user-friendly. If you want the power to change lenses, this affordable DSLR may be just what you need.

What You Need to Know About the Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera

If you’re looking for a new digital camera, you may want to consider the feature-packed and affordable Fujifilm X-A10. It’s an exciting and practical mirrorless digital camera with a mid-range price tag and we love its lightweight and compact design. When you choose this popular model from Fuji, you’ll be buying from a trusted manufacturer which has been in business since 1934.


Today, we’re going to share information about the key advantages of this camera. It delivers plenty of value for the money and also scores high ratings from our team, as well as a lot of happy customers.

Discover This Camera’s Features

When you choose this model, you’ll access a sensor with 16.3 megapixels for clear, vibrant and crisp resolution. As well, you’ll be able to enjoy exclusive Fujifilm color reproduction technology. This camera offers the superlative image quality that Fuji X Series cameras are known for. It’s an interchangeable lens design which is ideal for photographers who are interested in refining their skills.

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In addition to a top-notch sensor, this model comes with an anti-aliasing filter. It’s a no optical low-pass filter. If you’re not up on the latest digital camera technology, you may not realize just how beneficial this filter really is. Anti-aliasing filters help to stop moiré in photographs. That’s the strange effect that sometimes happens when people take pictures of things with close patterns. The patterns seem to fuzz or swirl.

Moiré mars a lot of photos and the optical low-pass filter on the Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera usually stops moiré in its tracks!

Another key benefit of this camera is its three-inch tilting screen. It’s convenient to use and very user-friendly! When you select this impressive digital camera, you’ll also access ISO which ranges from two hundred to sixty-four hundred and which may be expanded from one hundred to twenty-five thousand and six hundred.

You’ll also appreciate the APS-C CMOS sensor, which has sixteen megapixels, as well as the camera’s premium video resolution, which is 1920 by 1080. This digital camera features wireless that is built-in, as well as 6.0 frames per second continuous shooting.

This Compact Camera Is a Good Investment

Packed with features which make it easy to take superb still images and video, the Fujifilm X-A10 Digital Camera is a smart buy. It comes from a trusted brand, it’s loaded with high technology which is easy to utilize and it’s designed to eliminate a lot of common problems that ruin photos, including annoying moiré.

The Canon EOS Rebel SL1 Is Small But Powerful

If you want a small digital camera which is big on features and performance, you’ll probably love the Canon EOS Rebel SL1. This ultra-compact DSLR is so light in weight, which makes it very comfortable to hold. In fact, the “SL” in the camera’s name stands for “super-light”! This digital camera was actually designed with female users in mind. However, it’s great for men and women who prefer compact, lightweight cameras, rather than bulky designs which are harder to use and carry.

If you’re someone who tends to shoot in Auto Mode, you’ll find that this camera delivers superb image quality in Auto. It is equipped with a high-quality image sensor (18MP APS-C) which is bigger than the image sensors in typical “point and shoot” digital cameras. This is the secret of this camera’s impressive picture quality!

When you choose this model, you’ll be able to shoot four fps (frames per second) via the continuous shooting mode. This means that taking exquisite action shots will be a total breeze. As well, this digital camera will record high-def video (1080p) and comes with a touch-sensitive display screen. It’s a camera with great light sensitivity, thanks to its ISO capability, which ranges from one hundred to twelve thousand and eight hundred.

Whether you use auto mode or another mode, you’ll find that this camera from a trusted American manufacturer, Canon, never lets you down!

Why We Love It

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We’ve already mentioned some excellent reasons to love this popular camera. One of our favorite things about it is the way that it offers newbie photographers plenty of pure power. As well, we appreciate the liquid crystal display screen. The LCD screen is nice and bright. We also think that the touchscreen capability of this model is first-rate. Last, but not least, this camera is amazingly compact and lightweight.

If you have larger hands, you may actually find that this model is a bit too small. If your hands are more petite, this digital camera will be on a perfect scale to your body. One possible drawback is that the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 doesn’t come with a control for wireless flash.

Now that you know more about this ultra-modern DSLR, you may be ready to order it online. It’s a style which is so simple to use and carry around. Perfect for many different types of photography, it has all of the features that most novice photographers want and need.

Is the Nikon 1 J5 Digital Camera Right For You?

This camera is cute and compact, with an interesting, retro-inspired design that is charming. However, it offers much more than unique good looks. The Nikon 1 J5 was launched during spring of 2015 and it’s a mirrorless camera which is aimed at entry-level photographers. It has plenty of great features which help beginners to develop into skilled and masterful photographers.

This digital camera is made for newbies, but a lot of seasoned photographers buy it as a second camera because it’s compact and lightweight enough to be a perfect choice for trips. If you love to take pictures on the go and you want something truly portable, you’ll probably love this model, no matter what level of photography experience you have. Its price point is fairly high-end. However, in our opinion, it definitely provides premium ROI (return on investment). Plus, you’ll love to show it off. It does look amazing.

Main Features and Benefits

This digital camera is equipped with a one-inch sensor (BSI-CMOS). The 1 J5 replaced the older 1 J4. It’s a newer addition to Canon’s J Series and it’s got so much to offer, including 20.8 megapixels, one hundred and five points for auto-focus (and phase detection) and twenty fps (frames per second) continuous shooting. As well, we like the video capability of this model, which is 1080/60p. In addition, we find that the touchscreen is superb. It’s a touchscreen that tilts, so it’s very easy to use.

Equipped with a high-tech processing engine (the Expeed 5A), this camera also has wonderful connectivity features, thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi, as well as its NFC (near field communication).

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With this camera, you’ll be able to take video in high-def and utilize stop-motion and time-lapse if you want to. Designed to offer so much in a small package, the Nikon 1 J5 is a camera that most real-life owners take along with them wherever they go.

This Camera Is Portable and Versatile

If you want the ideal blend of portability and image quality, as well as creative tools and connectivity features which help you to take (and then share) memorable shots and video, then we recommend ordering the Nikon 1 J5 Digital Camera today. It’s faster than most DSLRs, offers superb performance in low lighting conditions and looks great, inside and out. Perfect for beginners or as a travel camera for seasoned photographers, the digital camera is really special.

Discover the Rugged Olympus TG-4 Tough Digital Camera

If you want a rugged camera that you can take almost anywhere, you’ll find that the Olympus TG-4 Tough Digital Camera is a practical choice. It’s made for adventurous photographers who want to push the envelope in terms of taking their cameras out of doors in a range of harsh weather conditions. This camera is loaded with features which make it more durable than many other digital cameras. As well, it’s equipped with imaging technology which is very powerful. Now, let’s talk about all of the features that make the attractive (and sporty!) Olympus TG-4 stand out.

Main Features of the TG-4

This model comes from a trusted brand. Olympus is a Japanese electronics manufacturer and the company has been around since 1919. The Olympus TG-4 is freeze-proof to subzero temperatures (up to minus ten!), crush-proof, waterproof to fifty feet and shockproof. It’s the toughest compact camera in the manufacturer’s collection and it’s also an attractive camera with a sport-inspired, ultra-modern look.

Now, let’s talk about more of its impressive features.


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Equipped with nighttime live composite, RAW capture, a wide-angle zoom lens (F2.0) and microscope modes, this camera will take great photos in an array of environments. As well, it features Wi-Fi which is built-in and works with an included smartphone app. Also, this model comes with a GPS system that includes a compass and a nanometer. This camera will help you to document all of your adventures via still images or video. It’s compact, comfortable to carry and loaded with protective features which make it such a smart choice for rugged environments.

We like the sensor on this model. It features sixteen megapixels and it’s a high-quality, Live MOS design. As well, we like the fact that the Olympus TG-4 records video in high-definition. We should also mention that this camera will survive a drop from a height of seven feet or less. If you’re someone who has dropped cameras in the past, you may find that investing in this “drop-proof” model is the key to accessing a camera that will stay in peak condition over the long term.

Is This Camera Right For You?

If you want a digital camera which is meant to be used out of doors, in any kind of weather, you’ll love this one. It’s got a lens which is top-notch, with a maximum aperture of F2.0. It’s a great choice for taking pictures under the waves or in low lighting conditions. As well, the Olympus TG-4 features a sensor-shift stabilization system which assists with reducing the negative impact of camera shake.

The Best DSLR Cameras for Semi-Pro Photographers

If you make a portion of your income from photography, without doing it full-time, you’re a semi-pro photographer. These days, a lot of semi-pros choose to market their pictures via Flickr, Getty and other online platforms. These Web-based platforms are basically stock photo agencies. As you may already know, there is a lot of competition at these online trading posts! In order to rise above the competition, you’ll need an exceptional DSLR camera. With the right gear at your fingertips, you’ll be able to take clear and vibrant photographs which help you to earn sales and build a strong and positive reputation.

We want to help by pointing you towards the best DSLR cameras for semi-pro photographers. We’re going to showcase four styles which really deliver for semi-pro photographers. Any of these cameras will help you to create a body of work that you’re proud of.

Why Choose a DSLR, Anyway?

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex camera. Some people may refer to this type of camera as a digital SLR camera. When you choose a DSLR, you’ll receive a digital camera which has the mechanism and optics of a single-lens reflex camera, as well as a digital imaging sensor. The scheme for the single-lens reflex is what sets a DLSR apart from other types of digital cameras. The reflex scheme carries light through the lens, towards a mirror. The mirror alternates in order to transmit the image to the image sensor or the viewfinder.

During the 2000s, DSLRs came into the forefront and people began to choose them over film-based single-lens reflex cameras. Although cameras with mirrorless systems have become popular again over the past several years, most people still decide to opt for DSLRs. They are the most popular form of cameras with interchangeable lens capability in usage today.

Now, let’s look at four DSLR styles which offer plenty of bang for the buck!

Develop Your Style with the Canon EOS 6D


Another advantage of choosing this camera is access to its eleven-point autofocus system. The AF system includes a center cross-type autofocus point which is incredibly precise. The AF point has EV-3 sensitivity, so it’s easy to focus the Canon EOS 6D, even in the worst lighting conditions.

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With this DSLR, you’ll be able to shoot continuously at up to 4.5 frames per second. This means that capturing fast action will be a total breeze.

Also, high-def video capability will be yours to enjoy. The HD video system for this Canon DSLR features multiple frame rates, manual exposure and all of the advantages of a full-frame sensor (better image quality and image size).

As well, the Canon EOS 6D has great connectivity features, including a Wi-Fi transmitter which is built in.

The Nikon D750 Is Agile and Feature-packedIf you want “full frame freedom“, you’ll benefit from considering the Nikon D750. This camera is a powerful creative tool which offers stunning picture quality, top-notch video capability and handling which is inspired by professional photographers. When you choose this respected DSLR for semi-pro photographers, you’ll access design which is nimble, as well as tons of practical features, including a “vari-angle LCD” which tilts and Wi-Fi connectivity which is built in.

Since this camera does offer full-frame performance, you’ll find that impressive image quality and image size are yours to enjoy. A full-frame DSLR will deliver the same image size as the frame for 35mm film. Pros often choose the Nikon D750 model as their primary camera. Some use it as their secondary camera.

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If you’re semi-pro, this DLSR may be all that you need. It’s compact, yet feature-packed enough to create exceptional stills and video.

The Nikon D810 Is So Versatile

If you’re ready to bring your creative visions to life, this camera will help you to do it. The Nikon D810 will capture everything, from fast action to the most subtle textures. Equipped with 36.3 megapixels, this versatile DSLR will help you to develop as a photographer. Updated with a format sensor (FX) that is redesigned, this DSLR features a very wide ISO range, as well as a world-class image processor (EXPEED 4). Choose this digital camera if you want superior sharpness, lush tonality, and quiet operation.

This model features extraordinary autofocus performance, as well as a burst standard of seven frames per second. Also, it offers video recording with 1080/60p.

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Pre-loaded with Nikon’s Picture Control 2.0, this camera offers the very best in “in camera” picture optimization and processing.

The Pentax K-1 Is Powerful and User-friendly

This full-frame DSLR from Pentax was launched during winter of 2016. It’s got plenty of great advantages, including durable weather sealing, excellent image quality, versatility, first-rate composition adjustment, quick autofocus and a dial which is programmable. It also feels good in the hand during operation. In terms of technical specs, this full-frame DSLR has an interface which is high-tech, yet so intuitive and user-friendly, as well as a TTL autofocus system, a KAF2 bayonet mount, a CMOS sensor and 36.40 megapixels.

When you choose this model, you’ll find that overcoming problematic conditions in the field, including bad weather, dim lighting, and subzero temperatures, is easy. This DSLR has a Flexible Tilt-Type LCD monitor which provides ultra-modern support to semi-pro photographers. The camera provides wonderful sensitivity and plenty of resolving power.

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Which DSLR Is Right For You?

All four DSLRs that we’ve showcased today come from respected and established manufacturers. All are full-frame DSLRs. Since they all have superb features and compact, portable design, you’ll be pretty safe choosing any one of them. When you treat yourself to one of these digital cameras, you may be able to make the jump from semi-pro to pro. You’ll be able to develop your own style and take the sorts of pictures that people want to buy.

So, why not order a new DSLR today?

Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera

Are you in the market for a new mirrorless digital camera? If so, you’ll benefit from discovering the main product features and pros and cons of the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera. It’s feature-packed for a fair price and it comes from one of the world’s premier camera manufacturers.

Sony is known for producing reliable, high-tech products which are easy to use and this camera is definitely a smart buy because it does feature a user-friendly interface and all of the right bells and whistles!

Main Product Features of This Camera

The Sony Alpha A7R II comes with an Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor which is full-frame and equipped with 42MP. It also has an image processor of the BIONZ X type. As well, it has video capability, via its internal UHD 4K system. Also, it is equipped with S-Log2 Gamma.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll be able to enjoy the SteadyShot technology that Sony cameras are known for. It has a five-axis inside stabilization system!

You may order only the camera body or choose the body plus a 24-70 millimeter f/4 lens or a 24-70 millimeter f/2.8 lens. Also, you may choose the Adobe Creative Cloud Kit (with a storage kit) as a practical add-on. Sony gives its customer choices, so that they may customize their cameras in order to suit their specific needs.

Pros and Cons of This Model

This full-frame camera’s high-tech sensor is a key selling point. When you choose this model, you’ll also access superb auto-focus capability. It comes with phase detection autofocus, so it will focus fast (and effectively) via its lenses. It’ll also focus very well with lenses which were made for other systems. By offering this type of versatility, Sony meets the needs of photographers who enjoy using other systems. This is a good thing!
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As well, this high-res camera is durable, thanks to its weather-resistant body, which is crafted from magnesium alloy. It’s also simple to use, thanks to two control dials, plenty of customization of the control points and shooting power of 5fps.

Also, we love the video capability of this design. Shoot with an almost full-frame crop or use a Super35 crop. By offering two modes for shooting, this mirrorless digital camera gives videographers the options that they need.

We recommend this camera. It has great resolution, it features superb ISO performance and it’s got impressive OIS. In terms of “cons”, there is no flash unit included with this model. As well, its battery stamina is rather limited. These two disadvantages aren’t too serious. However, it’s important to look at the downside, as well as the many positive features of this digital camera.

Is This Digital Camera Right for You?

This is a high-end design for the discerning digital photographer. It’s the next-gen design in a series which is all about providing customers with compact systems that offer stellar performance despite their smaller camera body sizes. When you choose this camera, you’ll find that it’s easy to carry and hold. It is compact enough to be simple to use. As well, thanks to its full-frame sensor, it provides exceptional picture quality which is on a par with the picture quality of some of the world’s best DSLRs, including the Canon 5DS R.

The team at Sony have resolved some issues with the first Sony A7R in this second-generation model. For example, low-light handling and performance have been enhanced through the addition of a five-axis stabilization system for optical images.

4K video performance is also a wonderful feature that you’ll access when you purchase the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Enjoy Compact Size for Easy Handling

If you want a compact design, but don’t want to compromise on performance, then we think that investing in this highly-rated model will be smart. You’ll enjoy the very best in resolution and video capability, and you’ll also be investing in a rugged camera which is built with typical Sony quality.

While this camera isn’t cheap, it offers tons of bang for the buck and you’ll find that using it allows you to improve your pictures and videography. While it’s lacking in a couple of areas, it has relatively few drawbacks when it’s compared to similar models from other camera manufacturers.

Discover the Best DSLR Camera Tripods and Monopods

Did you know that there are DSLR camera tripods and monopods which offer stability, durable construction, and superb quality, without costing a bundle? We’ve sourced out the best tripods and monopods for digital SLR cameras and we’re going to share information about their key features and benefits with you today.

Once you’ve checked them out, you’ll be ready to order your favorites online. Our goal is to help you save money, time and energy. We’ve done the comparison-shopping for you and focused on the most affordable styles from trusted manufacturers…

1.) AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag

Tripod DSLR


Good tripods deliver plenty of welcome stability. This super-affordable design from AmazonBasics is very stable and it will support scopes, still cameras and video cameras. The maximum weight for a device which is mounted on the tripod is 6.6 pounds.

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This model comes with a three-way pan head which includes a bubble-style level. It also features a mounting plate which is quick-release. In addition, the leg locks on this model are quick-release. This sixty-inch tripod comes with a geared center post, as well as lightweight construction which makes it very portable.

2.) AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag


This tripod also comes from AmazonBasics. Amazon Basics is a trusted brand name. The brand is designed to offer consumers great deals on essentials which are well-made and easy to access at and other Amazon online marketplaces.

However, this design is fifty inches, rather than sixty. It’s a tripod which you may adjust to your preferred height and it’s crafted from aluminum which is light in weight. The whole unit weighs just a little more than a pound, so moving it around definitely won’t strain your muscles! As well, if you like to tote a tripod along with you while you’re out, looking for new things to take pictures of, you’ll find that it’s simple to carry this one with you. It won’t weigh you down.

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The three-way head of this unit will give you access to “swivel and tilt” motion, which will give you the capacity to take portraits or do landscape photography. Also, it has a plate with a quick-release feature, which will facilitate quick transitions between pictures.

The tripod has lever-lock legs with three sections and adjusting the height of the legs is very simple to do. This unit comes with a storage bag that zips up.

When this adjustable and affordable tripod is collapsed, it measures just 16.5 inches.


3.) Albott 70 Inch Digital SLR Camera Aluminum Travel Portable Tripod Monopod with Carrying Bag


The last DSLR camera tripod on our list isn’t an Amazon Basics tripod. However, we actually think that it’s one of the best reasonably-priced tripods in the world. Actually, it’s a tripod which converts to a monopod and this makes it innovative and so very practical.

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Also, although it isn’t an Amazon Basics product, it is easy to find at Amazon (the world’s largest online retailer). We think that this design offers the most bang for the buck and customer reviews for this model are definitely glowing overall.

This unit weighs 3.63 pounds and it will bear a load of up to 8.8 pounds. It’s a four-section tripod which adjusts from twenty-one to seventy inches in height. This is the biggest range of all of the designs that we’ve showcased today! As well, it has a center column which is adjustable, which will convert to a five-section monopod. The monopod will adjust from eighteen inches to sixty-five inches.

Like the other models on our list, this unit has a three-way pan head that tilts and swivels, as well as bubble view levels. It’s also got a quick-release plate. This tripod/monopod works with so many devices, from GoPro products to digital cameras to the vast majority of camcorders, as well as binoculars and telescopes.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll also access an attractive and rugged carrying bag.

Monopods have one leg and must be held by photographers while they are being used. They are awesome choices when more portability is required. For example, if you’re on a hike and want to take some beautiful shots fairly quickly, just set up the monopod, hold onto it as you shoot and get a great level of stability rapidly.

Now that you know three of the most affordable, useful and dependable DSLR camera tripods and monopods, why not choose your favorite today?

Nikon D850 FX-format Digital SLR

The High-end NIKON D850 Offers Dazzling Performance for Still Photos and Video

If you want a new camera which offers high resolution, high speed, incredible versatility and wonderful video and photo potential, you will love what the Nikon D850 has to offer. This impressive camera definitely has all of the bells and whistles.  The Nikon D850 FX-format digital SLR is worth a look!

It’s a high-end design and its higher price tag is justified by its many features, as well as its solid construction and reliable performance.

Today, we want to share lots of important information about this exciting and practical camera. Once you’ve learned about its main features, as well as any drawbacks, you’ll be one step closer to deciding whether or not it’s right for you. This type of camera will be an investment. However, it’s the kind of camera that has it all. Ideal for those who are passionate about photography and videography, the Nikon D850 will offer you an assortment of superb tools. It will give you the power to hone your creativity.

Main Features of This Model

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This Nikon camera is all about stunning image quality. It surpasses the great image quality of its predecessor, the Nikon D810, by offering 45.7 megapixels and an ISO sensitivity range of 64 to 25,600. As well, this camera offers a continuous shooting speed of up to seven fps. If you want an even faster continuous shooting speed, you’ll be able to adapt your camera with the MB-D18 Multi-power Battery Pack, which is optional. When you do use the battery pack that we just mentioned, you’ll be able to access a continuous shooting speed of up to nine fps.

Another impressive feature of this model is its one hundred and fifty-three point auto-focus system. The Nikon D850 is the first FX-format DLSR design to provide 4K UHD video which is full-frame. As well, if you want to do time-lapse videography, you’ll find that it’s possible to film sequences with high resolution, even when the lighting is very dim.

This is a great camera for pro photographers. It’s also appropriate for amateurs who want to move up to the next level. You’ll find that its many impressive features make it a perfect choice for fashion photography, wedding shoots, sports photography and multi-media shooting. Capture gorgeous landscapes on holiday or use this camera for commercial photography. It’s versatile enough to offer superlative performance for so many different types of photography and videography.

Pros and Cons of This Camera

The key advantage of this camera is its 45.7MP image sensor. It’s a full-frame image sensor and truly world class. As well, the autofocus system on this camera is dependable and very sophisticated. In addition, since it allows for 4K videography, it’s definitely on the cutting edge of technology. Also, this DSLR has all of the right connectivity features (Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).

In terms of drawbacks, the camera’s “snap bridge” is a little bit clunky. As well, this camera doesn’t have a flash which is built-in. Also, we don’t like the fact that its live view focus system uses only contrast detection.

Overall, the drawbacks are really minor when compared to the wealth of excellent features that this camera provides.


This Camera Is Worth the Money

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We think that this model is a great choice for pro photographers. However, while its high-end, it’s low enough in price to appeal to a host of amateurs who want superior features and versatility. While it has a few minor drawbacks, we do believe that it’s well worth the money. 4K full-frame video capability is a huge bonus. However, the wonderful resolution of this camera is definitely its strongest selling point.

If you want a level of detail which is truly spectacular, as well as a fast continuous shooting speed and 4K full-frame video, you’ll find that this DSLR covers all of the bases. It comes from a trusted manufacturer and it has all of the quality and durability that Nikon is known for. While this camera isn’t cheap, it’s good enough for professional photographers and ambitious amateurs. As well, it’s a nice-looking model. This camera is a well-rounded DSLR. It’s been loaded with sensible features.

This model does receive high ratings from most reviewers and customers and we’re also really pleased with its design, user-friendliness, and performance. It’s a fine choice for photography and videography connoisseurs.


Is the Samsung Gear VR a Smart Buy?


Samsung Gear VR

If you’re interested in exploring the power and potential of virtual reality, you should know that learning about the Samsung Gear VR will be a good way to see whether or not it meets your needs. It’s not the only VR system around, so discovering its key features and pros and cons will be a good way to streamline your comparison shopping. Today, we’re going to share lots of important facts about this VR system and all that it has to offer…

It’s a Rival of the Oculus

This Samsung virtual reality system is designed to compete for market share with the Oculus. The future of virtual reality is still up in the air. However, the makers of the Samsung Gear VR are definitely offering something special which speaks to the needs and wants of present-day consumers!

While the software available for use with this system hasn’t achieved “killer app” status at this point in time, there are some very entertaining software options for this system and it’s safe to say that most people find the immersive world of Samsung Gear VR to be addictive and exciting!

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The headset which comes with this system doesn’t include cables and wires. This is good news, as it makes for a more convincing VR experience. Wires and cables may stretch, tug or tangle and take us out of the action. We approve of the wireless design of this system, as it eliminates the drawbacks which are frequently associated with cables and wires.

However, every VR system has its disadvantages and this one is no exception. The first “con” that you should be aware of is the fact that you’ll need a Samsung smartphone in order to power up the Samsung Gear VR. Unlike some competing VR systems, it doesn’t get power via console or personal computer.

With this in mind, we are certain that developers will experience a few limitations in terms of visuals. Mobile tech is weaker overall, so you may find that visuals for this system aren’t as great as what you’ll get when you choose a VR system which is powered by a PC or console.

This system is a headset. The smartphone is something that you’ll need to buy separately if you don’t have one already. Also, another “con” is that this headset doesn’t come with a controller. For this reason, most developers for the Samsung Gear VR are choosing to focus their efforts on the touchpad and on head-tracking. This brings more limitations!

This Headset is Still Excellent

Sure, it has some drawbacks. However, it’s still got much to offer. Samsung smartphones are amazingly popular with consumers, which means that a lot of people own them and love them already, so they do have the smartphones that are needed in order to use this VR headset at the ready.

Naturally, owning a smartphone of this type means that you won’t need to pay as much in order to experience the wonders of virtual reality. You already have a key component.

This means that you’ll pay less to buy this headset than you would for a lot of other VR headsets. This system is budget-friendly, to say the least, so whether needing a smartphone from Samsung in order to use the system is a “pro” or a “con” is really dependent on your point of view. If you’re interested in the economy, it may actually be a chief selling point, rather than a turn-off.

While this headset may be considered a “lite” version of VR, it’s ideal for most casual VR users. It’s very accessible and this is a good thing. In fact, we consider it more accessible than Oculus, Sony, and HTC headsets. Also, it was the first VR headset on the market, so it has a proven track record.

Is This Headset Right for You?

If you’re an Android fan and you utilize a Samsung smartphone, you’ll find that you’re able to purchase this virtual reality headset for a relatively low sum. Also, you’ll find that it’s pretty user-friendly and intuitive.

While it may lack the graphical punch of VR headsets which are powered by PCs or consoles, it’s a cheap headset which is fun to use. If this is what you want, then we recommend the Samsung Gear Vr headset wholeheartedly. You’ll have fun with it, without breaking the bank!