3rdEye Nanny Cam Review

3rdEye iHome iPhone & iPad Docking Hidden Spy Surveillance

The 3rdEye iHome is a docking device for the iPhone and iPad. It also has a clock radio, wireless capabilities, and spy surveillance with built-in DVR. Not only it is perfect for iPhone docking but it also has iPad docking capabilities. Use this device as a nanny cam camera, surveillance equipment or for all of your hidden video recording capabilities. This high-quality device is one of the most advanced in surveillance technology. Its video recording capabilities are hidden, and there are multiple features making the 3rdEye iHome a handy device if you are looking for a hidden surveillance device.


  • iPhone & iPad Docking
  • Clock Radio
  • Wireless
  • WiFi
  • IP
  • Hidden Spy Surveillance
  • Nanny Cam Camera With Internet Live View
  • Built-In DVR

There is no need to use wires with this device; you can connect it to your home network via wireless service. Through your Wi-Fi connection, you can transmit video. You are able to view and record live video from your computer or any smartphone. The device is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X,  or iOS operating systems. You’ll have access to monitor your video from anywhere in the world. The device has motion sensors; it will email or text you with a snapshot once it detects motion.

The 3rdEye iHome pinhole camera views from the front of the device. It has dual cameras that will switch based on lighting conditions. The video will be either color or black and white. The camera will decide which option provides the best quality video recording. The color CCD camera has 0.05 Lux, and the low light black and white camera has 0.0003 Lux. The video is high definition at 30 fps – 1280 X 720; the user is able to adjust from 1 to30 fps. The video will record up to 32 GB on a micro SD card or directly to a computer hard drive via a wireless network. The device does have some external memory.

The device weighs about 5 pounds making it very compact. It is also easy to setup and will connect to Wi-Fi in minutes; a computer is needed during the setup process initially. When the hidden camera is activated there isn’t any indication that it is on; it remains hidden from view. There is also no extra wires that need to be plugged into a record or playback device. Everything is handled wirelessly and playback can be viewed on your computer or smartphone.

The 3rdEye iHome allows you to set custom settings for each user including resolution, motion activation, recording time options, loop recording, and multiple playback speed. You can embed the date and time stamp in each video and you can search via time or date. Depending on the user’s settings video can be recorded for weeks or even months at a time.

Each 3rdEye iHome comes with an 8Gb micro SD card, Wi-Fi camera setup software, 12-inch Ethernet cable, AC power adapter instruction manual. It is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 4 and later, and iPad Mini. The USB connection on the device also makes it possible to connect other devices to charge and play.