Best Security Cameras Review – We Rate the Top Outdoor Cameras

best security camerasBeing the victim of a break and enter in your home is an awful experience. Having a stranger accessing your home is completely distressing. Property owners around the globe have many options to protect their homes and businesses with surveillance and security systems.

Security cameras not only act as a defense to protect homes and capture criminals in the act but also as a deterrent. Sometimes a sign warning the home is protected may not be enough, but security cameras around the house show that you are serious.

Several manufacturers offer security cameras that can be self-installed. You can adjust camera placement and add more cameras later if you feel it’s necessary.

A home security system is an important purchase which requires research to find the perfect fit for your requirements. The choices for cameras can also be overwhelming. Your options range from bullet home surveillance cameras to indoor IP spy cameras to name a few.

Our reviews compare the best security cameras currently available as a home security system.

Our Best Home Security Camera Ratings

#1. Amcrest 960H Video Security System


This Amcrest product contains a sturdy and strong camera, tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. With night vision and good recording distance, it has a recording capacity that reaches 6 days in HD, supports backup and enjoys numerous positive feedback in relevant reviews.

These are some of its main features:

  • 24-hour surveillance: This security camera combines four HD 800+TVL cameras fitted with 3.6 mm lenses for increased clarity and higher resolution. In CCTV, the resolution is expressed in TV lines, which means it gets better as the TV lines increase. The lens is capable of viewing at a 75-degree angle and is backed up by 24 IR LED lights which enhance night vision. The result is perfectly clear image up to a distance of 65 feet.
  • Large memory: The pre-installed hard disk is pretty large and can even be expanded to three terabytes, which can support up to 6 days of non-stop HD video. When the resolution is switched down, recording time can reach or surpass 30 days.
  • Amazing Motion detection and alerts: This system allows programming of the camera’s motion-sensing parameters and 24-hour planning of the security alerts. The motion sensor can be fine-tuned according to the customer’s individual needs, to reduce the false alarm incidence. When suspicious movement is activated according to the set parameters, the system activates the DVR buzzer, sends warning emails and begins recording.
  • Remote viewing: Today’s security camera systems have evolved the closed-circuit monitoring by fully exploiting remote access capabilities. This system employs an advanced user interface that allows remote management of the device, or remote image viewing on multiple platforms, from personal computers to Android smartphones.

The pros and cons of this camera are:

  • Easy installation
  • Picture of amazing clarity
  • Great price
  • Great performance during night time
  • Prolonged recording period
  • Great, sturdy, waterproof construction
  • Hard disk is larger than required

The Amcrest 960H Video Security System is highly rated by owners because it’s simply one of the best security cameras. It records in amazing clarity and quality with a really good price. It produces amazing pictures even at very low lighting.

Their convenience of installation and durability to all weather conditions makes them popular among buyers. Add their remote viewing capabilities to the mix, and you have a winner.

#2. Amcrest 720P HD Over Analog


Amcrest again here, with a beautiful weatherproof camera set. This product is responsible for great, HD-quality photos and amazing performance during night time. It is installed very easily and it offers remote management via PC or Android devices. It uses analog transmission to provide lag-free, real-time monitoring, which is supported by its enormous memory.

A quick review of important features:

  • Clear image: Amcrest’s HDCVI technology brings clear and high-resolution imaging in the security camera field, making it easy to identify important details in your security recordings, without any gaps due to lag.
  • Remote monitoring: Today’s security camera systems have evolved the closed-circuit monitoring by fully exploiting remote access capabilities. This system employs an advanced user interface that allows remote management of the device, or remote image viewing on multiple platforms, from personal computers to Android smartphones.
  • 24-hour surveillance: Its 3.6mm lenses and 75-degree viewing angles provide unsurpassed daytime picture quality, whereas its strong IR LED lights make for great night vision, even in the poorest lighting conditions.
  • iOS/ Android Amcrest view app: the provided smartphone app installs as easy as scanning the QR code that sits on the DVR box, giving a name and pushing the “start live preview” button. Its interface provides options for pan and tilt, as well as zoom. You can also switch between live streaming and screenshot capturing. Finally, you can use the app to view pre-recorded material on your mobile device.

The pros and cons of this camera are:

  • Video surveillance in real time with extremely clear HD imaging, unsurpassed by anything the competition has to offer.
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic IR night vision function, enabling it to capture high-quality video even the poorest lighting conditions.
  • Customize the motion sensor to minimize false alarms.
  • Advanced interface and handy mobile apps that allow easy viewing and management remotely via PC or smartphone.
  • Sturdy and amazingly high-quality constructions ensures its durability in the long term, even under harsh weather conditions.
  • Hard disk is larger than necessary

Amcrest 720P HD stands out with its great picture quality and performance. Its ease of installation makes it a preferred choice among the competition.

Being plug and play, and providing a native mobile app, means that you can manage and monitor your surveillance feed in real time from your computer or smartphone, enabling you to better protect your office or home. Its quality is reflected the top reviews it receives in relevant reviews.

Finally, its resistance to all weather conditions and the lifetime technical support easily explain why it is the most popular choice among security systems.

Security Camera Reviews – Finding the Best Outdoor Security Cameras

When buying an outdoor security camera it is always a good idea to decide on the features that you need before reading the outdoor security camera reviews. This allows you to have a picture in your mind of what the perfect security camera will resemble.

Which Camera Features Do You Require?

As with any technology device, advanced security cameras can be very expensive, so buying a model with unnecessary features can make your purchase much more costly than required. Conversely, the cheaper cameras usually provide very poor picture recordings which make them almost useless when trying to view the video or images. We have found the following aspects important after performing our outdoor security cameras reviews.

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is what will the security cameras be used for, live monitoring of a property or recording for later playback. If live monitoring will be the primary function then large storage disks for the recordings won’t be a required feature. But if the intention is to watch recordings at a later date if required then multiple day storage is a mandatory feature.

Where is the Best Location to Install a Security Camera?

Another decision will be the location of an outdoor camera. Will the camera have access to a power supply? If the answer is no, a battery powered wireless camera is required rather than a cabled connection model. Alternatively, an electrician could install cabling but this will add significantly to the cost of your security system. If your main concern is external security, it can be worth the extra effort, but an indoor camera setup is easier to start with.

The ability to monitor your camera feed from a mobile device is a helpful feature. Check if your camera supports your preferred platform, although most systems support iOS and Android it always pays to check.

If you have time and know-how, it is possible to build your own system from basic components. If you are not comfortable setting up computer networks, a commercial pre-setup kit is likely to be preferable.

Under most circumstances, it would make sense to use the manufacturer’s software which comes bundled with your camera. This ensures the software has been tested with the cameras and you’ll have a support number to call if you can’t set up the security system.

The best outdoor security cameras can give you peace of mind, but it’s only part of the solution. Make sure you review your other security components like quality locks on doors and strong passwords across your tech devices.

Security Cameras have become standardized in modern times. Useful features that consumers desire are typically adopted across the industry in order to compete. Cameras have very similar features, so we also evaluated the best security cameras to help us rank them. We used the following criteria to select which cameras and rank the highest.

What To Look For in a Home Security Camera

Individual cameras included in the best home security systems include a basic set of essential features, color with black-and-white recording functions, night vision monitoring and motion sensors which trigger recording. A high-resolution security camera will provide the best picture quality, helping you to identify details on the video feed. Whether you’re protecting a business from criminals or trying to catch a local vandal, high quality outdoor wireless security cameras are essential.

Camera Playback Capabilities

Theft can occur at any time of the day, which is why having 24-hour night vision enabled monitoring is important for any surveillance around your home. The best home security systems are capable of showing the video feed in real-time, or playback of previous footage across the internet from a remote location directly to your smartphone. While audio capabilities aren’t always included, higher-end cameras utilize audio recording. Top of the range cameras are also capable of two-way intercom functionality via an internal speaker.

Motion Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When purchasing an all in one security system they often include several peripheral items that help you protect your home. These items motion detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and heat detection sensors. Some packages include home automation, which automatically integrates your cameras into temperature and smoke sensors which provides a simple way to prevent accidents your family and property. We took all of these aspects of home security systems into account during the reviews.

Customer Support

An often forgotten benefit is the security cameras customer support. We all wish that we won’t have to deal with customer support. But on those occasions when a situation does arise, it’s an added benefit being able to reach a helpful service through easily accessible channels. For instance, some companies don’t offer email or online support which can be a concern for non-US buyers who will need to call an international phone line. We gave higher rankings to companies that provide support by phone, email and live chat. This category we feel is fundamental in choosing your security system.

Choosing the best home security system can be complicated. We hope our review has helped you select a service which will protect and provide peace of mind for years to come.