Fujifilm X100F 24.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera


Fujifilm X100F digital camera review.

The Fujifilm X100F is easily one of the most beautiful digital cameras to be produced in the last 10 years or so. Fujifilm has absolutely knocked it out when it comes to the X100F digital camera.

The design and overall aesthetic of this Fujifilm camera are very retro-inspired, but don’t be tricked into thinking that this digital camera is just another pretty face. This is a very serious camera designed for photography professionals and amateurs alike, and it’s one of the most impressive options money can buy today!

Overall impression

People are describing the Fujifilm X100F as the “ultimate enthusiast compact camera”, and it’s easy to see why. Filled with top-tier digital camera technology pioneered by the engineers at Fujifilm, this is a camera that has beautiful design, a hybrid viewfinder, unbelievable image quality, a larger battery, and even built-in “film simulation” modes that allow you to shoot new digital photos using vintage film as your medium – or at least that’s how it will appear when your digital photos are uploaded to your computer.

This version has been six years in the making from the folks at Fujifilm, and all agree that they absolutely knocked it right out of the park.
Check Latest Price Special features

There are plenty of special features to get really excited about as part of the X100F, but the most impressive has to be the brand-new CMOS sensor that features 24.3 megapixels and so much light transmission that you’re going to be able to take stunning photographs in almost any light condition – even pitch dark – without any trouble whatsoever.

The 3 inch LCD screen on the back of the camera is going to double as a hybrid viewfinder, but it’s also going to accurately reproduce all of the colors of that your camera is picking up through the lens and the sensor. This not only allows you to rapidly bring your camera into focus on any target you are shooting, but it also guarantees that you are able to get EXACTLY the shot you are looking for without having to fiddle around any.

This hybrid viewfinder is something really special, especially considering the fact that it features 2.36 million dots in the LED display. You will also be able to command and control every aspect of your camera this hybrid viewfinder, using the built-in touchscreen modules to change your exposure, your white balance, your composition, and so much more without ever having to “leave your shot”.

Battery life has improved

The battery life of the Fujifilm X100F is definitely the star of the show with this new camera, and it ranks right up there with the brand-new CMOS sensor as the most important leaps forward that this digital camera has made in embracing new technology.

You’ll be able to fast charge this camera from completely dead to 50% in 30 minutes or less, and you’ll be able to get back up to 100% battery in about 1 ½ hours or so. Combine that with the “runtime” that this camera offers – more than five hours of continuous shooting with no difficulty whatsoever – and you are really looking at something special here.

Impossible to beat build quality

Fujifilm has really elevated their game with the X100F, building it out of the most high-quality construction components of available bar none. This is a camera that feels a little bit heavy in the hand, especially for a compact camera, but any serious enthusiast or photography professional will tell you that this is critical – as a slightly heavier camera guarantees more stability while you are shooting photos or video.

The entire unit looks a lot like a vintage Leica without ever actually ripping off that classic design, and it feels premium, looks premium and IS premium across the board. Controls are mounted directly on the top and sides of the camera, are easy to access, and create a really effortless control scheme that is tough to beat.

Final verdict

When all is said and done, there are plenty of different camera options you have the opportunity to pick and choose from. But if you’re serious about spending your money wisely on a full-blown professional digital camera even if you aren’t actually a professional – but don’t want to spend the $3000-$5000 or more than most professional grade DSLR cameras command these days – the Fujifilm X100F is going to be PERFECT for you.