Is the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera Right for You?

If you want to invest in a new digital camera and the idea of owning the world’s smallest digital SLR is appealing, then you’ll benefit from reading this Canon EOS 100D SLR camera review. We’re going to take a look at all of the main features of this popular digital camera, along with its pros and cons.

By offering you a fair and balanced review, we hope to make it easier for you to decide on a new camera. This highly-rated model definitely earns accolades from lots of real-life owners, so there is a chance that this is the digital camera that you’ve been waiting for!

Features of the EOS 100D SLR

Classified as a “mini-DSLR”, this Canon-brand camera is a compact design which is supremely portable. It’s got a lot of the same product specifications as the Canon EOS 650D. For example, it comes with a sensor of the APS-C CMOS type, which features eighteen megapixels for crisp and vibrant resolution.

As well, it is equipped with a focus on the Hybrid AF type, in addition to full high definition video and 4 fps continuous shooting. What makes this digital camera different is its smaller size and scale. It’s a quarter smaller and twenty-eight percent lighter than the 650D. All of the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera’s components are scaled down in order to make it more compact.

This smaller digital camera is feature-packed for the price. It definitely has plenty to offer in terms of features and its live view focus is quite exceptional, due to phase detection pixels on the appropriate sensor! Also, you’ll find that this model provides great focus while you’re shooting video. Since its focus system will cover eighty percent of your shooting area, you’ll find that capturing amazing video footage is simpler than ever before.

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Also, the focus system helps to ensure the most optimal tracking speeds during video recording and live view.

The rear of this camera is equipped with a three-inch touch screen which is capacitive. It features one thousand and forty dot resolution. You may utilize this handy touch screen in order to search menus and check out and adjust settings. As well, it functions as a convenient touch shutter which sets a focus point.

Choose Your Preferred Shooting Mode

This camera is versatile, so you’ll have lots of options. Choose Intelligent Auto, Auto, full manual shooting, food mode, kid mode or candlelight mode in order to get the best from every shot! Also, you should know that this camera will give you the power to get tons of creative effects and to preview these effects before you actually take pictures that feature the effects!

In fact, this camera will give you the power to record a couple of versions of each photograph. One will be effect-free and the other will feature the effect.

This feature is great for newbies, as they don’t need to resort to RAW files if effects don’t give the desired results.

Pros and Cons to Consider

This camera’s sensor is pretty standard on Canon models over the past few years, so it’s not ground-breaking, but it certainly works well! In our view, the sensor is a “pro”. As well, this camera is light in weight and very easy to carry and control. It may even fit into a bigger pocket!

However, one drawback of this compact digital camera is that its touchscreen isn’t the most intuitive design around. It’s pretty simple to use, but probably could be a bit more intuitive. Also, you’ll see focus shifting while it’s happening. Some people don’t mind watching the camera focus, while others would rather not see it. So, this could be a pro or con, depending on your own opinion of things!

We Recommend This Camera

Now that you know more about the Canon EOS 100D SLR Camera, why not check it out online? It’s a camera that we’re so comfortable recommending. Its compact size makes it so simple to use and its advantages dramatically outweigh its drawbacks.

Once you’ve tried it, you’ll see that it makes it easy to get amazing video footage and stills. While no digital camera is perfect, this one does have the bells and whistles that most photography buffs are looking for!