Best Online Photography Courses – Learn How to Become a Photographer

online_photography_coursesIf you are looking for the best online photography course, take a look at our selection of Udemy video courses. These courses can be used to improve and fine-tune your photography skills, and are perfect for photographer of any skill level. Each of the courses is divided into a number of video lectures ranging from 1 to 10 minutes each. Some courses are quite brief, focused on one specific area of expertise, while others might offer up to 14 hours of instruction, so you can choose the perfect course for you.

These photography courses are self-paced so you can take your time learning and become familiar with the material, and of course practicing it for yourself.

We have reviewed several online photography courses and picked out some of the best for amateur photographers looking to improve.

#1 – Photography Masterclass: A Comprehensive Photography Guide

Offering a huge 255 lectures and 14 hours of instruction, this masterclass is aimed at beginners who have barely any previous experience and who are starting pretty much from scratch. This comprehensive guide to photography covers a wide range of topics, such as types of cameras, file types, composition, white balance, exposure, how to shoot in manual mode, and how to shoot in low light conditions.

#2 – Become a Better Photographer Part I

This course offers 55 lectures and is just over 5 hours long. It begins by reviewing beginner camera settings and then goes into advanced settings. This course also covers choosing the right shutter speed, sharp focus, working with natural light, and depth-of-field. Improving portraits, posing tips, repeating patterns and leading lines are also included in this course.

#3 – Photography: Manual Mode and Creating Stunning Photos

It is impossible to learn the true art of photography without mastering the manual mode and how to use these settings to get the very best form your camera. Both Canon and Nikon cameras are covered in this course, and at the end of it, you will feel confident using the manual mode to create really stunning photos.

#4 – The Art of Black and White Photography

The Art of Black and White Photography

Do you want to know how to take amazing black and white photographs? If so, this might be the course for you. You will learn advanced methods for converting color images into black and white. Using Photoshop’s Curve tool, masking, and enhancing contrast and tonal range are also included, as is the art of black and white portraiture.

#5 – Street Photography

Some of the most stunning photos are taken spur-of-the-moment on the street, but how do you approach someone to ask whether you can take their picture? Along with advice along those lines, this course covers camera settings and techniques, photo editing and also post-processing. There are a number of lectures including light and shadow lines, point of view, light and shadow, juxtaposition, and silhouettes.

#6 – Easy DSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced

This easy-to-follow course takes you further than just basic digital photography. After an easy-to-understand introduction, the second chapter gets into creative techniques like which lens to select for portraits, fill flash, using reflectors and off camera flash. You will also learn about DSLR video and covered image editing.