6 Tips to Help Take the Perfect Smartphone Selfie

selfie-guideSelfies have become the primary way that people share their experiences. Whether it’s a beautiful ocean background taken during a vacation or a delicious meal at a local restaurant, the story of our lives is now told through the selfie.

Given this fact we should aspire to take the best selfies possible. However, the process of taking a good selfie can be something of a mystery. That’s why we’ve collected these smart selfie tips.

#1. – Focus!

All too often people are in a hurry to get their shot. As a result, they rush the process and wind up with sub-par selfies. Taking the time to do it right can improve the focus. People frequently hold the phone up and take a shot while it is still focusing. This means the camera is still adjusting, so the picture you see when you decide to press the shutter button may not be the picture that you get.

Waiting for the image to stabilize ensures not only that you get the picture you expect, but also that the elements you want to showcase are the same that the camera is focused on.

#2. – Aim High

Taking a selfie can feel awkward sometimes when you are at a cramped angle. Giving in to that awkwardness causes bad selfies. Make sure you are holding the phone at a higher angle with your arm fully extended. Never aim low, as it creates double chins as well as lighting issues. By always holding the phone up and straight out you can eliminate these problems, and save tons of time editing later.

#3. – Be Shadey

The great outdoors is a common place to take a selfie. Whether to show off an awesome waterfall or an amazing landscape, outdoor shots are some of the best selfies around. Beware the sun, however. When shooting outside make sure you step into the shade in order to prevent odd shadows, as well as to keep yourself from squinting.

#4. – Timing is Key

Also relevant to outdoor shots is the time of day. If you are going to a destination with the specific purpose of taking a selfie try to arrive in the hours around sunrise and sunset. These points of the day are called the golden hours, as the angle of the sunlight gives it a soft quality that makes for great pictures.

#5. – Use Tools

While the shoulders up or the face are selfie classics, the full body selfie is a strongly underrated move. Use tools around you to prop up the phone and take the picture on the timer. Books, rocks, trees, bags; there are many options to keep your phone upright and pointed at you while taking a full body selfie.

Bonus tip: Do not cut out the ends of limbs in your picture. If you are showing an arm or leg you should show the hand or foot as well.

#6. – Be Unique

Selfies are taken to preserve memories of all the awesome things we’ve done in our lives. But they are also taken to show off! Don’t be afraid to try to make your selfie unique. Experiment with different angles. Try out the same picture at different times of the day if possible. Stand at a different place than someone might expect.

Most importantly, never stop trying! Making your selfie unique will earn you prestige with your friends and family and make sure the action on your Facebook and Instagram pages never slow down.

There are much more things to discuss when talking about selfies. Most of all of the standard guidelines for photography apply. Learning about these guidelines can help you make all of your pictures, not just your selfies, that much better. In the meantime try out these tips so you can look great in your next selfie!