Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera

Are you in the market for a new mirrorless digital camera? If so, you’ll benefit from discovering the main product features and pros and cons of the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera. It’s feature-packed for a fair price and it comes from one of the world’s premier camera manufacturers.

Sony is known for producing reliable, high-tech products which are easy to use and this camera is definitely a smart buy because it does feature a user-friendly interface and all of the right bells and whistles!

Main Product Features of This Camera

The Sony Alpha A7R II comes with an Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor which is full-frame and equipped with 42MP. It also has an image processor of the BIONZ X type. As well, it has video capability, via its internal UHD 4K system. Also, it is equipped with S-Log2 Gamma.

When you choose this popular model, you’ll be able to enjoy the SteadyShot technology that Sony cameras are known for. It has a five-axis inside stabilization system!

You may order only the camera body or choose the body plus a 24-70 millimeter f/4 lens or a 24-70 millimeter f/2.8 lens. Also, you may choose the Adobe Creative Cloud Kit (with a storage kit) as a practical add-on. Sony gives its customer choices, so that they may customize their cameras in order to suit their specific needs.

Pros and Cons of This Model

This full-frame camera’s high-tech sensor is a key selling point. When you choose this model, you’ll also access superb auto-focus capability. It comes with phase detection autofocus, so it will focus fast (and effectively) via its lenses. It’ll also focus very well with lenses which were made for other systems. By offering this type of versatility, Sony meets the needs of photographers who enjoy using other systems. This is a good thing!
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As well, this high-res camera is durable, thanks to its weather-resistant body, which is crafted from magnesium alloy. It’s also simple to use, thanks to two control dials, plenty of customization of the control points and shooting power of 5fps.

Also, we love the video capability of this design. Shoot with an almost full-frame crop or use a Super35 crop. By offering two modes for shooting, this mirrorless digital camera gives videographers the options that they need.

We recommend this camera. It has great resolution, it features superb ISO performance and it’s got impressive OIS. In terms of “cons”, there is no flash unit included with this model. As well, its battery stamina is rather limited. These two disadvantages aren’t too serious. However, it’s important to look at the downside, as well as the many positive features of this digital camera.

Is This Digital Camera Right for You?

This is a high-end design for the discerning digital photographer. It’s the next-gen design in a series which is all about providing customers with compact systems that offer stellar performance despite their smaller camera body sizes. When you choose this camera, you’ll find that it’s easy to carry and hold. It is compact enough to be simple to use. As well, thanks to its full-frame sensor, it provides exceptional picture quality which is on a par with the picture quality of some of the world’s best DSLRs, including the Canon 5DS R.

The team at Sony have resolved some issues with the first Sony A7R in this second-generation model. For example, low-light handling and performance have been enhanced through the addition of a five-axis stabilization system for optical images.

4K video performance is also a wonderful feature that you’ll access when you purchase the Sony Alpha A7R II Mirrorless Digital Camera.

Enjoy Compact Size for Easy Handling

If you want a compact design, but don’t want to compromise on performance, then we think that investing in this highly-rated model will be smart. You’ll enjoy the very best in resolution and video capability, and you’ll also be investing in a rugged camera which is built with typical Sony quality.

While this camera isn’t cheap, it offers tons of bang for the buck and you’ll find that using it allows you to improve your pictures and videography. While it’s lacking in a couple of areas, it has relatively few drawbacks when it’s compared to similar models from other camera manufacturers.