Sony RX10 Mark IV

One of the most impressive cameras to be released by Sony in a couple of years (and that’s really saying something, as Sony has been on a streak of home run after home run for quite a while now), the Sony RX10 Mark IV is a premium “super zoom” bridge style camera that has one of the most advanced Sony sensors packed inside of it.

This results in a camera that takes incredibly lifelike, accurate, and high definition photos in almost any lighting situation imaginable, with the ability to zoom to the action in a way that some other cameras wouldn’t even consider attempting.

If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and getting your hands on a premium level camera, far above the “prosumer” level, the Sony RX10 Mark IV is everything you could have hoped it to be and then some.

Important specifications to be aware of:

20 megapixel 1 inch stacked BSI CMOS sensor from Sony

  • 24 – 600 mm F2.4-4 stabilized zoom lens included with the body
  • 24 frames per second burst shooting capabilities in both JPEG and raw format, with 100% AF and AE capabilities
  • Phase detection autofocus system with 315 points to cover 65% of the frame
  • The ability to capture ridiculously detailed 4K video with a rolling shutter system
  • Touchscreen capabilities and an optimized user interface
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Standout features to pay attention to:

Right out of the box, you’ll notice that the body of the Sony RX10 Mark IV is almost perfectly identical to the previous iteration – and it includes the same outstanding lens that made the previous version of the Sony RX10 Mark IV such a game changer itself.

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But this new model, the Sony RX10 Mark IV, includes a fully integrated touchscreen that can also be used as a touchpad to place AF points, giving you the kind of control over your photography that just isn’t possible with a more standard viewfinder and control scheme.

On top of that, it’s amazing Sony sensor allows it to capture incredibly vivid still imagery and stunning 4K video in nearly any lighting condition. Its autofocus with 315 points makes it ridiculously fast and allows for the use of autofocus lenses as well as manual focus lenses, and the variable ND filter makes it something really special.

Usability and overall design:

We have highlighted the importance of the Sony touchscreen built into the back of the Sony RX10 Mark IV a couple of times now, but it really is important to reinforce just how easy it makes using the camera when you have something as intelligently designed as this leading the way.

Manual buttons and adjustments can be made throughout the platform as well, but the touchscreen and the new overhauled user interface make adjustments on the screen about as effortless and as customized as possible. Swiping your finger this way and that can control a variety of different features with a level of degree never before possible, and this really helps to illustrate just how important the overall design Sony RX10 Mark IV really is.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a high-level new camera that offers incredible HD video capture capabilities, beautiful still images, and an out-of-the-box zoom lens quite unlike anything else you’ve ever seen, the Sony RX10 Mark IV seems like it’s going to be right up your alley.

The price tag will be a little bit steep for some people, but this is a professional grade piece of equipment that is as future proof as possible and is going to be an important platform for amateurs and professionals for quite a while!