14 Must See YouTube Vloggers in 2016


The internet is a game changer that has remodeled the way we appreciate entertainment and acquire information. Gone are the days when we’d sit down with a newspaper or switch on the tube to get our daily dose of information.

Everyone is on the go these days, and with high-speed internet access, we can get relevant and timely information and updates with just the click of a button or the swipe of a finger. People are particularly appreciative of videos and vlogs because of the immense informational value they pack in such short snippets of moving images. Today, YouTube has become the number one platform for individuals seeking to spread information like wildfire, and vlogging has even become an actual profession.

From entertainment, food, travel, science, and so much more, YouTube has opened the doors for both vloggers and viewers to share their knowledge in a fun and interesting way.

The Best YouTube Vloggers in 2016

1. Russell Brand

Russell Brand started out as a stand-up comedian who quickly transitioned to film and TV thanks to his hilarious and witty quips and comedy bits. But those aren’t the only platforms this multi-millionaire has taken advantage of. Today, viewers can get their daily dose of the Brand Man on his YouTube channel where he talks about anything and everything under the sun. Ranging from political debates to showbiz news, there isn’t a single dull moment on this entertaining channel.

2. Devin Super Tramp

If you want a taste of the wildlife but are too worried about the dangers and risks of extreme sports and outdoor activities to actually take part in them, then a visit to Devin Super Tramp’s YouTube channel just might suffice. This channel is dedicated to extreme activities, giving viewers the feeling of a rush even just from the comfort of their smartphones and laptops! Devin also posts the occasional social experiment, video game in real life video, and puppies (who doesn’t love puppies?) so you better make sure to visit frequently.

3. Just for Laughs TV

This hit Canadian prank show serves up some serious laughs. After having gained popularity as a TV show, Just for Laughs TV has migrated to YouTube, where audiences can enjoy new and old pranks that are 100% family friendly. Make sure you put your drink down before you hit play, as these videos are guaranteed to crack up even the most serious of viewers.

4. Matthew Santoro

Information and comedy all in one awesome YouTube channel? It’s possible! Matthew Santoro has gained a wide base of fans thanks to his extensive collection of informative and undeniably humorous videos. Laugh it up and learn at the same time when you visit this crazy popular vlogger’s channel.

5. Dave Hax

Yes, life can be so much easier, and thanks to top YouTube channels like Dave Hax, you can gain access to how to’s, tutorials, and lifehacks that can make your day to day life so much simpler. From DIY decorations to easy dessert recipes, there is no shortage of informational and useful snippets at this helpful channel.

6. Household Hacker

Having trouble with a few household items? Household Hacker has just the tips, tricks, and techniques to get you by with the simplest tools and items that you have lying around your house. Learn how to get a full-on home security system with nothing more than regular, everyday objects, make your very own touchscreen gloves, or brush up on some lesser-known Windows shortcuts to make your laptop experience just that much easier.

7. Jamie Make-Up Greenberg

Ever bought a fresh new palette, tried it out, and found yourself less than satisfied with the results? The struggles that come with applying makeup the right way are all too real. But with makeup vloggers like Jamie, you can get that professionally made-up look with nothing more than the flick of a wrist. Learn makeup techniques, hair hacks, and gain access to reliable product reviews at this all around makeup vlogger’s channel.

8. That One Video Gamer

Who doesn’t love a good video game? The only thing that could compare to the fun we get from playing them would be watching reviews and walkthroughs. At That One Video Gamer’s channel, you can gain access to helpful tips, smart reviews, and walkthroughs to help your through the coolest games ever released.

9. Toby Games

Are you interested in finding out how to get past those tricky video game levels? Then you should probably pay a visit to Toby Games. This video game vlogger combines humor with relevant video game tips to come up with the ultimate gamer’s entertainment experience, all crunched up into neat 10-minute videos. Sweet!

10. Back Packing Travel TV

Do you have a penchant for travel but don’t have the greens to make your way around the world? Perhaps a visit to the popular YouTube channel Back Packing Travel TV will help you satisfy your urge to wander the world. Watch as Samuel and Audrey make their way around the world, see the sights, and sample some of the tastiest dishes around the globe. Hey, you might just get a brand new idea of your next out of town trip!

11. Peter Bragiel

If you’re looking for the best budget itinerary for your next vacation, you could probably learn a thing or two from Peter Bragiel. Watch as this man makes his way across the United States and a bunch of other overseas locations for the ultimate guide to traveling on a budget.

12. Vlog Brothers

This top YouTube channel offers viewers small snippets of information that may or may not be useful, but is always a hundred percent interesting. Enjoy watching tons of great videos about a wide range of topics – from opinionated talks to funny monologues. Vlog Brothers will surely give you a well-needed dose of smart fact realness.

13. Sci Show

Got a few questions no one else can answer for you? Sci Show has all the explanations for those things you never even thought to ask. Learn everything from why alcohol burns, to why your nose runs, to what makes blind spots, well, blind!

14. Sorted Foods

If you’re the kind of person who loves watching other people make (or eat) food, Sorted Foods is the YouTube channel for you. This deliciously interesting food channel is the ultimate foodie’s paradise, providing everything from reviews to recipes all in short video snippets for your ultimate viewing pleasure!